This article is about a/an Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

"Morphing Alpha Model into Antennadrone!"
―Scrozzle's computer announcing teleportation of Gigadrone.[src]

Antennadrone is a Gigadrone Alpha Model, created from the data of Antennatron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Antennadrone was created by Scrozzle while the Rangers were still fighting Antennatron. It attempted to crush the Rangers with its staff but ended up just hitting Tronics. Devon soon arrived in his Racer Zord and began fighting the Gigadrone. After Devon landed a couple blows, Antennadrone launched two Gigatronics to aid it. The two Gigatronics grabbed the Racer Zord but the Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord, piloted by Nate and Steel, soon arrived to help. The Zords transformed into their Mantis and Scarab modes, drained the Gigatronics of Morph X, then destroyed them. Shortly afterwards, Devon summoned the Cheetah Beast Blaster and destroyed Antennadrone with Cheetah Strike.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gigatronic Pod Projection-Antennadrone has a series of pods on his backs that he can fire like missiles into the air. They will then turn into Gigatronics to aid it in battle.


  • Antenna Staff-Antennadrone wields a giant version of Antennatron's staff weapon.

Behind the Scenes


  • Antennadrone is not voiced.


  • Antennadrone is the first Gigadrone to lack a projectile or energy attack.
  • Antennadrone is the first Gigadrone not to make any vocal noises.

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