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"This just in. All programs are cancelled!"
―Final words upon his death[src]

Antenna Banki (アンテナバンキ Antena Banki): Kitaneidas sent this Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast to interfere with television signals and trasmit his own hypnotic signals as a news anchor on his own news show. He brainwash the masses into polluting the city while forcing the Go-ongers apart (by having their wishes come true--Sousuke in the global Grand Prix, Saki an idol, Renn a quiz master, and Hanto a wealthy heir). He called an Ugat to be the cameraman to televise Gunpei's certain death but his belief in the others encouraged them to come to his rescue. Antenna Banki was defeated by GunBir-O's Gunpherd Gunfire.


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