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"It's BIG slime time!"
―Antberry when becoming a Mega-Monster.[src]

"That’s not cool, it’s freezing!"
―Antberry’s last words before his death.[src]

Antberry is an ant/eel/slime-themed Nighlok, who can spit out a special liquid called Sanzu Slime to make his opponents slimy so he can counter their attacks and to make them drop their weapons. He serves Octoroo. Antberry serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The Blue and the Gold".


Antberry is one of Nighloks. Antberry could spit the special liquid called Sanzu Slime that can make his opponents slimy so he can counter their attacks and make them drop their weapons. He also can make energy blasts and is armed with a sword. In the fifteenth episode Antberry was hired by Octoroo to steal toys of children in Panorama City and then bring them to the forest, cut them with magical axe and throw them in the magical well, which will unleash their energy and open a portal, which will unleash Sanzu River on Earth. Antberry stole the toys of numerous children in city, including Spike. Then he brought them to the forest and started a ritual. Octoroo protected the site of the ritual with magical barriers made from magic chart-like tablets. However Kevin and Antonio found the location of the ritual, but Octoroo noticed them and fired at the Power Rangers with his magic. Because of the barriers, Kevin and Antonio couldn't contact their friends. Octoroo then told the Rangers who he is. Kevin and Antonio morphed but Antberry spat at them with his slime and made the Rangers so slimy they couldn't hold their swords. The heroes tried to battle Antberry in a hand to hand fight, but his body was also slimy and he easily defeated them. Octoroo then blasted Kevin and Antonio away and sent the Moogers to destroy them before telling Antberry to continue the ritual. But Antberry realized that his axe was dull and covered with slime. Octoroo told him to sharpen his axe and then continue the ceremony. Antberry was sharpening his axe, but he was taking so long, so Octoroo said that Antberry is slow as slug and even threatened to send him into the well instead of toys. Later Antberry finally sharpened his axe and Octoroo told him to cut a bike, but Kevin fired at Antberry, forcing him to drop the axe in the well, ending Octoroo's plan. Kevin and Antonio battled the Moogers and then left. Octoroo and Antberry followed them and Antberry battled them again and defeated them with his slime once more. Then other Rangers arrived and helped their friends. While Octoroo left, Antberry fought the Rangers and Jayden defeated him by burning his slime with his sword and Kevin and Antonio battled him and destroyed him by throwing him in the well. Antberry then returned as a Mega Monster and battled the Samurai Megazord, which Antberry fought. He used his slime and spat it at the Megazord, knocking the Octozord out of its hand. However Antonio pulled out of his grip by unleashing smoke on the Nighlok and the Rangers restored the Zord and freeze Antberry with the Octozord's freeze breath. Antberry was destroyed by the Octo Spear Megazord.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blue and the Gold

Antberry later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven where he recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters


Antberry was a cunning, arrogant, and confident Nighlok, who enjoyed spitting his slime on his enemies and won't stop to destroy the Power Rangers. But he is also loyal to Octoroo.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sanzu Slime: Antberry's signature attack where he can spit out a large amount of slime from his mouth that is so slippery the Rangers cannot hold their weapons. It can even knock the Octo Spear Megazord back into the Samurai Megazord.
  • Enlarging: Antberry can enlarge into his giant form like all Nighloks.


  • Slippery Body: Antberry's body is slippery, which makes him hard to grab.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Antberry can leap at incredible distance.
  • Strength: Antberry possesses big physical strength and was shown to be a capable fighter.


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  • Sword: Antberry is armed with a sword in battle.
  • Sanzu River Bedrock Axe: An axe made from Sanzu River bedrock that was given to him by Octoroo, Antberry can use it to chop up all the stolen toys as part of a ritual that could fill an old well with water from the Sanzu River.

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