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Antarctic Press is an American comic book publisher founded in 1984 by Benn Dunn and located in San Antonio, Texas. They are known for indie titles such as the popular Gold Digger and an "American manga style" of artwork for their comics. Some of the artists and writers, especially during the earlier years of the company, were huge fans of all forms of Japanese media, including tokusatsu.

Zetraman, a Super Sentai-style comic.

This is evident for Super Sentai as a short mini-series called Zetraman, an homage to the franchise, was created in 1991, two years before Power Rangers premiered. In 1993, at the height of Power Ranger's popularity, Zetraman returned in a sequel three issue mini-series. A short-lived tokusatsu-themed fanzine called Sentai was then published a year later in 1994 and ended in early 1995. Sentai covered news, gossip and articles on Power Rangers and Super Sentai as well as other staples of the toku genre.

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