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Another Song And Dance is the forty-sixth episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


In need of help with his music class assignment, Tommy seeks voice lessons from Tanya. Queen Machina casts a spell on the pair, which forces them to sing operatically everything they try to say. Meanwhile, in order to assure his rightful place as ruler of the Machine Empire, Prince Gasket turns Det. Stone's "secret weapon", the Mechaterpillar (a lure he's using to teach Bulk and Skull the investigative virtues of fishing), into a monster, and launches a full-scale invasion on Angel Grove, which the Power Rangers must stop.

When Mechaterpillar is defeated, Tommy and Tanya are restored to normal, while King Mondo announces his return to the Machine Empire.


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  • Rocky said that the singing spell was broken after Mechaterpillar was destroyed, but the monster had nothing to do with Queen Machina's spell.
  • When Adam morphs before using the Red Battlezord, triangles appear on his hands instead of rectangles. Triangles are associated with Rocky (Zeo Ranger 3, three sides), while rectangles are associated with Adam (Zeo Ranger 4, four sides).
  • Wolfbane is briefly seen in Mechaterpillar's destruction.


  • David Yost (Billy Cranston) does not appear in this episode.
  • King Mondo reappears at the end of the episode, having been fully-repaired after being destroyed in "Mondo's Last Stand". His return would not be known to the Rangers until the next episode, however.
  • This episode is a stand-alone episode rather than being part of the series finale like Ohranger.
  • The part of Pyramidas destroying Mechaterpillar is exclusive to Power Rangers (by editing Pyramidas footage into the fight with Mechaterpillar). Dorin, a character not adapted for Zeo was the one to destroy Bara Micron (Mechaterpillar's counterpart) in the Ohranger version.


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