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"I am Animus, Lord of the Wildzords."
―Animus introducing himself to Zen-Aku[src]

Animus is a god-like Megazord, who Princess Shayla said was the direct ancestor of the Wild Force Rangers' Wild Force Megazord. He usually aided the Rangers when they needed him the most though generally in spirit form since he was destroyed 3,000 years ago. He first appeared to the Wild Force Rangers as the child Kite after the Rangers inadvertently released Animus from a dark dimension and resurrected him.


Animus appearing in the sky

His first impression is of a shy young boy who makes up a fake name to tell Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger. 3000 years ago, in the battle with Master Org, Animus is seen being seemingly destroyed. However, he took the form as a small human child. In modern times, he is befriended by Cole.

Animus was an ancient creature of good that had been killed long ago by the original Master Org, but his supposed spirit had appeared several times after Zen-Aku was freed from a 3,000-year imprisonment. After his gentle urging to Zen-Aku to simply "remember," Princess Shayla told the Rangers that Animus only spoke to the six Animarian warriors (at that time there were only five).

Animus helped the Rangers again during their battle with Zen-Aku to restore him to his human form. On the night of the full moon, Animus eclipsed the moon long enough for Zen-Aku to assume his human form (Merrick) temporarily but not long enough for him to tell the team how to break his "Curse of the Wolf".

After their defeat at the hands of Nayzor, a mysterious boy appeared to guide four of the Rangers in their quest to save Merrick and Cole by completing a puzzle that would go on grant Cole the use of the Falcon Summoner, and with it the Falcon Wildzord and Animarium Armor.

His last appearance in spiritual form was when Tombstone Org was released to destroy the city. He told Princess Shayla that she and Merrick must sing the Deer Zord's favorite song, or else it would not help the Rangers defeat the Org.

After the Rangers visited the dark dimension to gain the Falcon Wildzord,Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wings of Animaria they inadvertently released Animus's spirit who they encountered in the form of Kite, resurrecting him and returning him to the living world though they didn't know this at the time. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Soul of Humanity

Appearances: WF Episodes 14, 15, 22, 23, 29, 32, 33, 39

As Kite

After Master Org's powers were dissipated by Cole and his Animarium Armor Battlizer, a small boy (revealed much later to be the same one who helped the Rangers before) with no memory who named himself Kite (after he looked at a kite) befriended the Rangers. He had mysterious powers and a connection to the events of the past that he didn't understand. The Orgs realized this, and convinced him that the humans were not worth saving, showing him their abuse of the Earth. Kite revealed himself as Animus in human form, and took the Wildzords away.

Giving and Taking Away

Without the Wildzords, the Rangers were helpless against the next monster when he went giant. Kite/Animus tried to talk Merrick into coming with him to a new world, but Merrick turned him down, and Animus was impressed by the Rangers' decision to fight on. He revealed that he had only been testing them, and returned the use of the Predazord to Merrick before changing back into his true form to fight alongside him. Satisfied with the Rangers, he returns all the Wildzords and leaves Cole with a new, more powerful motorcycle to replace the Savage Cycle he'd lost protecting Kite.

Animus returns in the finale to warn of the arrival of the powered-up Master Org, and fights alongside Merrick and the Predazord once more. Unfortunately, both are destroyed, Animus briefly returning to his human form and speaking to Merrick before dying in his arms. Considering the fact that all of the Wildzords were resurrected in the finale including the Rangers' destroyed ones, it is possible (and likely) that he was also resurrected once more as the Zords that comprise him were spotted among all the revived Wildzords.

The Black Lion, Condor, Saw Shark, Buffalo, and Jaguar Wild Zords combine to form Animus in his Megazord form. Animus was twice destroyed by Master Org, once during the Battle of Animaria 3,000 years ago, and again in modern times in Turtle Cove. He returned to destroy Flute Org's Flute allowing the Rangers to call the Isis Megazord to destroy him with the Deer Zord's Antler Crush Attack. Animus is never seen morphing together with any other Wild Zords, though he presumably is capable of doing so due to inherent interchangeability of the Wild Zords. Also in "The Soul of Humanity", he returned after taking the Wild Zords away to fight alongside the Predazord, saying that he'd always wished to fight alongside Merrick but never had the chance. In this battle he used a sword to strike and weaken an enemy, allowing the Predazord to finish it off with the Blue Moon Wave.

Death and Resurrection

Animus returns to fight Master Org again, but was overwhelmed, Before he about to be destroyed again, Merrick used the Predazord to save him in time since he wasn’t able to help him 3000 years ago and didn’t want history to repeat itself, Merrick wanted to fight alongside with him this time, Animus was pleased and honored to fight alongside his “Old Friend”, despite Animus using Animarian Slash and the Predazord using Predator Wave on Master Org, the latter quickly destroys both of them, Animus and his Zords were revived once more with the other Wild Zords for the Ultra Roar.


  • Black Lion Wildzord: The Black Lion Wildzord is basically the predecessor of the Red Lion Wildzord. It forms the main torso of Animus.
  • Condor Wildzord: The Condor Wildzord is basically the predecessor of the Yellow Eagle Wildzord. It forms the head of Animus.
  • Saw Shark Wildzord: The Saw Shark Wildzord is basically the predecessor of the Blue Shark Wildzord. It forms the right arm of Animus.
  • Buffalo Wildzord: The Buffalo Wildzord is basically the predecessor of the Black Bison Wildzord and forms the legs of Animus.
  • Jaguar Wildzord: The Jaguar Wildzord is basically the predecessor of the White Tiger Wildzord. It forms the left arm of Animus.


Animus is shown to be a calm and wise Megazord, but he can overreact a bit as shown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Being the god of the Wildzords, Animus wields almost-but-not-quite supreme power, but he has some form of limitation/weakness that limits his power and prevents him from using it at its fullest.
  • Shapeshifting: As the god of the Wildzords, Kite can switch between his human form or his true Megazord form (or even the five separate Zords that comprise it).
  • Teleportation: He is able to teleport at will.
  • Spell Breaking: As Kite, he was able to break the Lion Tamer Org's control over the Rangers' Megazords by releasing magical winds at them.
  • Levitation: Animus also has the ability to levitate.
  • Weapon Manifestation: He can create new weapons for the Rangers such as the Wild Force Rider he gave to Cole.
  • Spiritual Powers: As Animus, aside from his powers as a Megazord, he possesses incredible spiritual abilities, such as:
    • Spirit Form: Animus has the ability to appear as a spirit. After bringing the Rangers into the dark dimension, his spirit, in the form of Kite, was able to return to the living world with them, causing Animus's resurrection.
      • Communication: While in spirit form, he is able to communicate with others in the living world.
    • Lunakinesis: He can manipulate the cycles of the moon for a short period of time.
    • Remote Teleportation: He can teleport the Rangers safely away from a battle and can even transport them to the dark dimension.


  • Animus Animarian Bow

    Animarian Bow:
    The horns on the side of his head can detach as a bow, allowing him to fire his Sawshark Blade as an arrow.
  • Sword: While fighting alongside the Predazord, Animus wielded a large sword formed from the Sawshark Wildzord's saw blade.


While posing as "Kite", Animus resembles a fair-skinned boy with brown hair and wears normal human clothes consisting of a blue-black hooded jacket over a black, tan, and white-striped shirt, black shoes, and white pants. However, after his identity becomes known to the Rangers and Orgs, he began wearing white clothing to signify his near god-like status.

Behind the Scenes



  • "Animus" is Latin for "Soul".
  • Animus is the first Zord who is fully intelligent and able to speak.
  • Animus' last appearance in spirit form is in "Sing Song," the episode before the Rangers encounter him as Kite in the dark dimension. Notably, after that Animus no longer appears in spirit form to guide the Rangers and they do not hear from him again until they learn that Kite is Animus.

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