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Animarium's interior

The Animarium is a floating island that is the last remnant of the lost kingdom of Animaria. It serves as the home and base of operations for the Wild Force Power Rangers, Princess Shayla, and the Wild Zords.


Once part of the Earth, the land was magically lifted into the sky to protect it from the Orgs, and is now known as the Animarium. Its turtle shape left a similarly shaped lake in its place, forming the basis for Turtle Cove. It is a vast stretch of land covered in forests and mountains where the Wild Zords make their home.

A large temple sits on the Animarium, which serves as the Rangers's base of operations as well as their home. The sacred waters of the temple warn them of danger both on the Earth and the Animarium itself. This water is proven to be excruciatingly painful to Orgs that come into contact with it, and lethal in large and/or prolonged doses.

During the Wild Force finale, the Animarium was attacked by Master Org, who proceeded to destroy all the Wild Zords. As a result of the damage he did, the Animarium came crashing down into Turtle Cove Lake, fitting perfectly back into the location it once was. Once Master Org was defeated with the aid of the resurrected Wild Zords, as well as 100 previously missing Zords, Princess Shayla took the Rangers' powers and jackets back to the Animarium, and lifted it into the sky once more to protect the Wild Zords. It remains there to this day, where Shayla and the Zords wait for the day they are needed again. This marks the first time in the Power Rangers franchise that their base is never destroyed.

Twelve years later, the Mega Rangers travel to the Animarium in order to recruit the Red Lion to help them with their battles against The Armada. Troops of The Armada follow the Rangers to the Animarium where they engage in battle. The Red Lion quickly appears, knocking everyone from the Animarium and back down to the Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Lion's Alliance

It is never expressly stated or shown in the series how the Rangers get to and from the Animarium, though in the first half of the season finale, it is shown that the island is capable of extending a tractor beam from its underside, much like a stereotypical UFO.


  • Unlike its Sentai counterpart, the Animarium of Wild Force serves as both the home of the Wild Zords and as the team's base, whereas in Gaoranger, the Gaoranger do not live on the island with the Power Animals, instead living on a separate small floating island shaped like a smaller turtle that is known as Gao's Rock.

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