The Jungle Beasts, also known as Animal Spirits, Jungle Spirits, or Beast Spirits, serve as both the spirit/energy manifestation and Zords of the Jungle Fury Power Rangers, Dai Shi, Camille, and Whiger. They are solidified representations of each Ranger's beast spirit. It is notable that these zords/spirits can be accessed even in non-zord skirmishes and serve as finishers for each Ranger.

For the Rangers' Animal Spirits, the Tiger, Cheetah, and Jaguar form the Jungle Pride Megazord. The Wolf forms an alternate leg for this Megazord, and changes its name to Wolf Pride Megazord. The core Rangers' master Animal Spirits, the Gorilla, Penguin and Antelope form the Jungle Master Megazord. The Rhino forms its own Megazord, the Rhino Pride Megazord. The Elephant, Bat and Shark form different armor for the Megazords, and different powers (associated with, respectively, the land, the sky and the sea).


Everybody possesses an Animal Spirit within them, no matter whether they are humans or members of Rinshi Beasts. The technique to conjure and harnessing it, however, was developed by Order of the Claw, an order of martial artists who claims responsibility for imprisoning Dai Shi one hundred centuries ago, and has since appointed a small number of high-ranking students from its ranks to serve as protectors of Dai Shi's prison and to vanquish him if he ever escapes. From there, this technique passed throughout generations of the Order's best warriors. Rinshi Beasts are also capable to summon their Animal Spirits, but they only see it as a powerful weapons of destruction.

Through the aid of a friend who introduced him Morphin Grid, Robert James discovered the way to use its powers in giving his Jungle Fury Rangers' Animal Spirits physical form as Zords while developing the said Ranger team's arsenal.

Zord Animal Spirits

Rinshi Beasts

Dai Shi Clan

Phantom Beasts

  • Phantom Beast King
    • Griffin Animal Spirit - Jarrod/Dai Shi (formerly, Jarrod was stripped of this power when he defected)
  • Known Phantom Beast Generals
    • Avalon Dragon Animal Spirit - Scorch
    • Basilisk/Snapping Turtle Animal Spirit - Snapper
    • Chimaera/White Tiger Animal Spirit - Whiger (formerly, stripped of his General status and Rinzin power for losing to the Jungle Master Stampede in battle and subsequently defected)
    • Phoenix Animal Spirit - Camille (formerly, stripped of this power when she defected)
  • Phantom Beast Warriors
    • Pig/Boar Animal Spirit - Sonimax
    • Ox/Minotaur Animal Spirit - Dynamir
    • Horse/Unicorn Animal Spirit - Unidoom
    • Goat/Sea Goat Animal Spirit - Rammer
    • Rat/Afanc Animal Spirit - Badrat
    • Monkey/Hanuman Animal Spirit - Grinder
    • Dog/Anubis Animal Spirit - Osirus
    • Rabbit/Pixie Animal Spirit - Lepus

Other Animal Spirits

Jungle Fury

Super Megaforce

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