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"You punks... I don't know what's going on, but if you wanna mess with big Anidara, you're gonna find he's always ready for a fight!""
―Anidara Maximoff[src]

Anidara Maximoff (アニダラ・マキシモフ Anidara Makishimofu) was a Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, the older brother of Odordo Maximoff who was equipped with the Trigger Machine Crane and then later with "The stroke of luck/Le coup de chance" piece from the Lupin Collection after he was revived.


One of the Smash Brothers, Anidara and his brother Odordo were discussing how they could use their collection pieces to cause more damage than before when they were caught in the battle between Rabroom Jaws and PatKaiser. While his brother managed to get away, Anidara was crushed by PatKaiser and destroyed, leaving Odordo to swear revenge on the Patrangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 14: The Fabricated Trap

His Gangler safe was recovered from the inside of the Trigger Machine Crane by the Global Special Police Organization Japan Branch. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 16: Because You’re A Friend

He was later revived and enlarged by Goche Ru Medou, at the behest of Destra Majjo, who gave Anidara a piece of his Lupin Collection to avenge his brother. Sending a duel challenge to the Patrangers, he waited impatiently for the cops when the Lupinrangers arrived for his collection piece, only to get ambushed by the Patrangers, who arrived earlier to set a trap for the theives so they could acquire the reluctant GoodStriker, who's power was needed for the duel. Unfortunately for both teams, Anidara barraged them with missiles upon seeing the cops. The Patrangers attemped to formed PatKaiser, but Trigger Machine 1gou was knocked off by the Red Dial Fighter, forcing Lupin Red to deal with two cops and Patren 1gou could only spectate while fighting the remaining thieves. The skirmish in the cockpit proved to make it easier for Anidara to attack, but he lost the upper hand after Lupin Red deployed the Blade Dial Fighter and opened his safe. His collection piece was reclaimed by Lupins Blue and Yellow, who used his safe as shelter from Patren 1gou's laser blasts. Piece retrieved, he met his end via LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight's GoodStriker Shooting-Out Flash.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 18: Secret of the Collection


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Powers and Abilities


  • Sound Control: Like his brother, Anidara can use clumps of black fur to project his voice, though Anidara's plumes can work on computers.
  • Missile Projection: Anidara has the ability to generate and fire missiles from the openings on his body.
  • Perfect Accuracy: Due to the "The stroke of luck/Le coup de chance" treasure equipped in his safe, Anidara is capable of making his missles accuracy lock-on to his opponents (which in turn makes the missles home in on said opponets).


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  • Alpakanabo (アルパカナボー Arupakanabō): An Alpaca-themed kanabō and Anidara's pirmary weapon.


Behind the Scenes


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  • Anidara Maximoff's suit is a repainted version of Odordo's.


  • His first name has a term used to refer to an older brother in it (ani). This fits in conjunction with his brother's name being a play on the Japanese term for "little brother" (Ototo).
  • The "moff" in Anidara's last name comes from the Japanese word for something fluffy (もふもふ mofumofu), as a reference to their alpaca theme and abilities.


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