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The Angler Fish Rinshi was resurrected along with a select group of fallen Dai Shi warriors. He fought Master Mao and was defeated by the Pai Zhua Masters from the Spirit World. Like the Fox Rinshi, he had not previously been seen fighting the Jungle Fury Rangers, indicating that he may either have fought them during an unknown encounter or been a soldier revived from the Beast War.


  • Both Anglerfish Rinshi & Fox Rinshi are the ninth Rinshi to not have Rinshi Forms.

to not have a Rinshi Form. first being Bai Lai & Carden, the second being Crustaceo, the third being Mog, the forth being the Shadow Guards, the fith being Monkeywi, the sixth being the Red Shadow Guards, the seventh being Barakouzza, the eighth being Whirnado & Whiricane

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