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The Anglerfish Rinshi was an Anglerfish themed Rinshi, who was summoned by Dai Shi in the final battle with Jungle Fury Rangers, along with Fox Rinshi and other servants of Dai Shi. He serves as the minor antagonist of the episode "Now the Final Fury".


This Anglerfish Rinshi was summoned by Dai Shi from the spirit world along with Fox Rinshi and other servants of Dai Shi. He and Fox Rinshi were quickly destroyed by Master Mao in battle. It is uknown if he encountered the Power Rangers earlier or he was a servant of Dai Shi during the first Beast War. Now the Final Fury


Anglerfish Rinshi was shown to be loyal to Dai Shi and fought for him.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Anglerfish Rinshi possesses big physical strength and is able to hold himself in battle, but he was still no match for Master Mao, who was able to defeat and destroy him quite easily.
  • Skilled Fighter: Plus to his physical strength, this Rinshi also possesses fighting skills and is able to fight, but he was still easily overpowered by Master Mao.
  • Energy Blasts: This Rinshi also possess energy projection ability and is able to fire energy blasts, which he used in battle against Master Mao, but this ability still didn't help him against the Pai Zhuq master.


  • Staff: Anglerfish Rinshi wields staff in battle, which can fire energy blasts.

Behind The Scenes


  • Anglerfish Rinshi didn't have a voice actor, because he didn't have lines in the episode.


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