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"I'll turn all humans into stone!"
―Anglerfish Nezire's first words[src]

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Character History

This Nezire Beast could turn people into stone by firing a beam from the antennae on his head. He was sent to absorb his younger sibling Komutan on Earth (who'd been befriended by Kenta) to reach his full potential and power. With Komutan under his control, he now had the ability to turn things into diamond. Komutan broke free from him (the fruit of Kenta getting through to his indoctrinated friend) and proceeded to attack Anglerfish Nezire to save Kenta, but Anglerfish Nezire mortally wounded poor Komutan in response. Komutan died shortly after, angering Kenta as a result (especially when Anglerfish Nezire started laughing at his little brother's death). To avenge Komutan, Kenta brought him down with a Riser Chop and Riser Punch combo. Bibidebi arrived and enlarged Anglerfish Nezire with his gigantification virus, and Anglerfish Nezire gave trouble to the Megaranger's Galaxy Mega, but the ruthless Nezire had his antenna shot off by Delta Mega. Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega combined to form Super Galaxy Mega, and Kenta gave the command for the Super Galaxy Knuckle attack; the brutal finisher succeeded in ending the powerless monster's life and destroying him.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Anglerfish Nezire were designed by character designer Miharu Shimojo.

Behind the Scenes

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