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"Just obey the order!"
―Miss Fairweather[src]

Angela Fairweather (also known as Miss Fairweather and later, Angela Rawlings) is a scientist at the Lightspeed Aquabase and the creator of Ranger technology (Morphers, Zords, weaponry and vehicles) used by the Rescue Rangers, including the Titanium Ranger's Morpher. She is the sister of Clark Fairweather, creator of the Battle Booster armor for Joel and Chad.


She serves as Captain Mitchell's second-in-command at the Aquabase and chooses to ignore the flirtatious advances of Joel Rawlings, pretending to be uninterested in starting a relationship with a fellow co-worker and going as far as lying to him, saying there was a protocol at the base implying members couldn't interact with each other romantically.

In "Olympius Unbound," Jinxer places Captain Mitchell under a hypnotic spell to send the Aquabase's power to Prince Olympius. Ms. Fairweather's attempts to stop him are at first unsuccessful, but she eventually saves the day by destroying the Star Power link with a fire axe. With the link destroyed, Captain Mitchell is freed and the Rangers defeat Olympius.

During the 2-part finale, Angela orders an immediate evacuation of the entire Aquabase when it's besieged by Batlings, who use the Lifeforce Megazord to destroy it, when Mitchell was left in a state of shock over the ill turn of events. She provides motivation for Joel to help the others escape the base, stating she was interested in going out with him after all. When Queen Bansheera is destroyed, the two prepare to commence their date when the sirens of a firetruck compel Joel to follow after the others to the scene of disaster.

A year after the events of Lightspeed Rescue, Angela and Joel are married and preparing to head off on their honeymoon when Carter calls on Joel to help the Time Force Rangers. Initially, Joel turns Carter down, thinking it would make Angela happy, but Angela snatches the cell phone and makes the decision for Joel to help the Red Ranger, showing that she is still willing to put her own happiness aside to help the Rangers.


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