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"Twenty miles ahead, Miss Summer,you can make it.....You will Miss Summer. I'll be watching and I'll be waiting."
―Andrews' final words before his death.[src]

Andrews was the late butler to the Landsdown family.


Andrews served as the personal butler of Summer Landsdown ,often being mistreated by the spoiled, entitled, bratty young woman. Andrews was present during Summers birthday when Venjix declared war on humanity. Soon after, he and Summer were separated but he eventually found her wandering the wastelands after being abandoned by her "friends".

While at around 80 miles from Corinth, Andrews was made to carry Summer on his shoulders. After resting, he witnessed the start of Summers personality change, watching her abandon her high heels and walk on her own two feet beside him. At around 20 miles from Corinth, Summer finally stopped Andrews and asked him "why do you put up with me? why don't you just go ahead and leave me behind?" he replied that it was the same reason he stayed with her family for so long. He was waiting, for her. Andrews knew that under all of the "makeup, hair and fancy clothes" there was a truly good person and that he'd be willing to wait until she knew she could become that person.

Soon after this, the pair were attacked by a group of Grinders. When a group of them took aim at summer, Andrews ran in and shielded her, taking multiple point blank energy blasts to his body.

After the grinders were defeated, a dying Andrews urged Summer to carry on to Corinth, despite Summers protest over leaving him. After reassuring her, Andrews died from his injuries.


His teachings of humility and death has caused Summers to abandon her selfish spoiled brat personality forever and become a good person and a Ranger.

Andrews, along with Marcus Truman and the countless billions that Venjix slaughtered, would be avenged nine years later when the Beast Morphers Rangers killed Venjix for good with their Beast-X King Megazord.


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