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Andrew Laing is a New-Zealand actor and voice actor best known for his role of Doctor Geoff Greenlaw in the popular New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street.


Power Rangers

Year Title Role


New Saban



  • Emmerdale Farm - Shrine
  • Shortland Street - Nigel Bailey 1996-97
  • Shortland Street - Dr. Geoff Greenlaw 2001-03
  • Chunuk Bair - Wounded soldier


  • When voicing Evox in Beast Morphers, Laing was credited as Randall Ewing to try and disguise the reveal that Evox was Venjix.
    • However, the pseudonym was also possibly intended as a possible hint to Venjix's identity since he was credited under the same surname as Daniel Ewing who played Dillon in RPM.
  • As of this point, Master Lope is his only live appearance in the franchise.
  • Many of the monsters he's voiced were the first or final monsters to fight, be defeated or, have special abilities.
    • Copyotter was the first to fight Trent in his Super Dino Mode.
    • Delex was the last monster to not fight with a giant robot, but rather make himself grow, as well as also to beaten by the S.W.A.T. Megazord other than the A-Sqaud.
    • Oculous was the first to fight the Nick in his Dragon Fire form, and be the first of the Ten Terrors to destroyed by the Mystic Rangers.
    • The Messenger was the final monster to fight the Mega Rangers before achieving Super Mode, as well as (if not including Headridge) the first of The Armada, to fight the Rangers.
    • Venjix/Evox is the first villain in the entire franchise to have two different names.

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