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"I don't want to lose my son."
―Andrew Hartford[src]

Andrew Hartford is the billionaire mentor of the Overdrive Rangers and the father of Mack Hartford.


Andrew is an archaeologist, billionaire, inventor, industrialist and the CEO of Hartford Industries who created the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora. Hartford was on an expedition when he accidentally discovered the Crown of the Gods, and released Moltor and Flurious from their slumber. The Sentinel Knight told Hartford it was now his job to find the jewels and defend them from Moltor and Flurious, so he created the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers.

He originally planned to be the Red Ranger, but after much relentless urging from his son Mack Hartford; He decided that his son was better suited for the job, despite his own fears of losing Mack. He never stops worrying about Mack and reassures his son that one day he will worry about him. His preoccupations were explained when Mack was inflicted with a virus and malfunctioned, revealing he was really an android built a little over two years ago. Mack was created because Andrew was unable to find time to make a family of his own, due to his work and chose to make himself a "son".

When the Sentinel Knight suggested to place the Corona Aurora upon Mack's head, Mack became a flesh and blood son to accompany Andrew in his adventures.

In Once A Ranger, he shows his skills in robotics again when he repairs and reawakens Alpha 6.

Dino Fury[]

14 years later, Andrew has established a robotics company called Hartford Robotics, which creates androids like J-Borg.


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