This article is about a/an extra-terrestrial planet in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Orion looks out as the Armada attacks Andresia.

Andresia is the home planet of the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger, Orion and Tensou. Sometime in the past, the Legendary Silver Morpher was buried deep in a mine on the planet, where it was later discovered by Orion. Shortly after the discovery, The Armada attacked the planet, wiping out its population. Afterwards The Armada continued to guard the planet, unaware that Orion had survived the attack. After months of training and stealing an Armada ship, Orion escaped the planet and headed to Earth to save it from suffering a similar fate. Silver Lining

Some time later, Ryjack scavenged his Enlarging Device from the ruins of this planet. The Greater Good

In Hyperforce Orion mentioned the fact that the weather on the planet changes instantly. 


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