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Three thousand years ago, Animaria was attacked by Master Org, Jindrax, Toxica, and their army of Putrids. The Ancient Warriors immediately tried to protect the people of Animaria. One of the Ancient Warriors was Princess Shayla's protector. The protector took Princess Shayla to the temple in the valley of the Wildzords and reluctantly left her there. The Ancient Warriors defeated the Orgs. To ensure Animaria stayed safe, the Ancient Warriors used their sabers and cut Animaria from the ground and raise it into the sky.

Below, the Ancient Warriors surrounded Zen-Aku and entombed him. It was a difficult decision for the Ancient Warriors as Zen-Aku was really one of them. Their friend, Merrick, had used the wolf mask to destroy Master Org, but the power of the mask was too strong and soon Merrick was turned into the evil Zen-Aku. The Ancient Warriors used their saber crystals to trap Zen-Aku, and even chained the tomb he was encased in. The Ancient Warriors thanked their friend for the sacrifice he had made.

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