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Ancient Sensei Ninja Storm
"You brought this fate upon yourself. You will be cast adrift in a universe where your dark ninja powers may cause no harm. You are hereby stripped of your ninja rank and the man known as Kiya will no longer exist!"
―Ancient Sensei[src]

The Ancient Sensei is the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy in the past during part 2 of The Samurai's Journey.

Character History

The unnamed sensei was the previous Sensei at the Wind Ninja Academy. He counted Kanoi Watanabe (who would come to be his successor), Miko Watanabe (the first woman accepted into the academy), and Kanoi's twin brother Kiya amongst his students.

Soon after the acceptance of Miko into the academy, her samurai amulet was stolen by another student. Based on the thief's clothing, Cam Watanabe, another new student (and unknown to anyone else, had traveled from the future), was quickly accused of the crime and brought to be judged. However, before the Sensei could give judgement, Kanoi interrupted, revealing Kiya not only to be the true thief, but practicing the forbidden dark ninja arts. Kiya then attacked the Academy, but was defeated by Cam and restrained. Dissapointed in Kiya for stealing the amulet, framing Cam for it, and using dark ninja powers, the Sensei stripped Kiya from his ninja rank, expelled him from the academy, and banished Kiya into space, where he believed that his dark powers could do no harm.



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