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For the RPM episode of the same name, see Ancient History (RPM).

Ancient History is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It is the second part of the two-part introduction to Aiyon, the Dino Fury Gold Ranger and features his identity being revealed to the other Rangers and his backstory with Zayto and the Great Sporix Wars. The episode reveals that the Rafkonians were the ones to create the Sporix. It also features the debut of the Mosa Razor Zord, Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode, and the debut of Void Knight's fourth general, Wreckmate. It also features the brief appearance of the Primal Ultrazord.


Aiyon, the new Gold Ranger, reveals the dark truth about Zayto’s past and the Dino Fury Rangers learn what makes a true leader…


After the events of Storm Surge, the Dino Fury Gold Ranger teleported to Dinohenge to discover that it has remained intact and wonders if he had missed anything prior to his awakening. Meanwhile, inside the base, Zayto is giving the three Rangers training exercises, while Ollie is making a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Solon alerts them that they had a visitor, the Gold Ranger then teleports inside the underground chamber and revealed his identity as Aiyon, a Rafkonian. He then greeted Zayto, who greeted Aiyon in return before reuniting with Solon. He then introduced himself to the modern day Rangers.

Zayto then proceeded to question Aiyon about his unexpected survival, as he had believed that the other Rafkon Rangers perished during the Great Sporix Battle. In response, Aiyon shows Zayto his memories, starting from the original Dino Fury team's final battle against Sporix in the past, destruction of their Ultrazord, Aiyon and Zayto's subsequent escape, and the Green Morphin Master contacting him during his 65 million years slumber to prepare for the return of Lord Zedd. Ollie then recalls that the Ninja Nexus Prism maybe is not looking for an object, but a person instead, which he guessed was Aiyon. Javi also surmised that the Morphin Masters must have woke him up after Lord Zedd escaped. A little confused, Aiyon asked the others to fill him in on who is Lord Zedd and the Prism, but then questioned the others if they know about the location of his Zord. Solon responds that they haven't found anything and apologized.

Izzy tries to lighten up the mood, stating that they at least got another Ranger on the team. Aiyon says that he would love to be on the team, but on the condition that he leads. The others then asked why Aiyon wanted to lead the team, which makes him realize that Zayto has not told them the full truth about Sporix Beasts. He then states that Zayto is not the leader they thought he was and revealed his and Zayto's past as fellow Knights of Rafkon.

Zayto and Aiyon used to be close friends and proud knights fighting to protect Rafkon. However, one day, the council of Rafkon intended to release the Sporix Beasts to counterattack an incoming evil. The councilwoman asked Zayto for his concerns, to which Aiyon told him to prevent the release of Sporix before it's too late because they haven't performed proper tests on them. But instead of listening to Aiyon, Zayto agreed to unleash the Sporix due to believing in the council's decision, much to Aiyon's disappointment.

As the Sporix machine prepares to unleash the Sporix Beasts, Aiyon decided to make a move and intended to destroy the machine before the process is complete. Zayto immediately prevented Aiyon from interfering, with the latter saying this was a mistake. During the two knights' scuffle, the Sporix machine finished the releasing process and unleashed the Sporix Beasts into Rafkon, which destroyed it in the process. After hearing the story, a ticked off Amelia lashes out at Zayto for withholding this fact from them. However, it was cut short when Solon detected a Sporix Beast. Zayto then immediately lead the others to take care of it, with Aiyon following them.

They head down to the harbor to see Mucus attacking civilians with a harpoon blaster, making Zayto confident they can take her. They morph and Zayto charges after her, swatting the blasts away with his Chromafury Saber. However, one redirected blast hits a fish oil container, making Zayto slip and get pinned down by Mucus. Ollie and Amelia go to help, but they slip as well. Mucus summons the Hengemen and has them go after the Rangers while she reloads. However, Aiyon cuts down an overhanging crate and uses a board to surf through the oil while taking out the Hengemen. Javi and Izzy follow suit as they use the boxes to do the same. As Aiyon attacks Mucus, Slyther comes with the boat needed for their plans. The villains teleport away as they intend to use it in their plan to find Aiyon's Zord and destroy it.

Back at Dinohenge, Solon checks on Zayto as the others are impressed with Aiyon's skills during the fight. Aiyon uses the fight to prove that Zayto is no longer fit to lead the team as the latter guiltily leaves after seeing no support from the team. Aiyon disregards Zayto's turmoil as his main concern is finding his Zord. Ollie recalls that the villains hacked into his mother's computer in a previous battle, and believes that they stole the data to find it. As the Rangers go off to Buzzblast, Zayto thanks Solon for sticking with him despite not telling her the truth. Solon sympathizes with Zayto as owning up to mistakes are not easy, but the latter wonders if he is fit to lead the team any longer. Solon reassures Zayto that it was not entirely his fault as he trusted the council, but the latter admits he should have trusted Aiyon in the first place. Solon tells Zayto that a good leader must know when to stand their ground and to step aside, but tells him that it's his decision in the end.

At Area 62, Mucus and Slyther complete their new general using parts from the boat. Void Knight pulls out a Sporix Cell to place into the new general, planning to use him to find the Mosa Razor Zord and destroy it. Void Knight dubs the new general as Wreckmate after placing the Sporix into him while Slyther activates him. Once activated, Wreckmate swears loyalty to Void Knight, and the latter orders him to go to the ocean and destroy the Mosa Razor Zord. Mucus volunteers to take Wreckmate to the ocean.

At Buzzblast, the Rangers review the data collected and see the Mosa Razor Zord in its resting place. Before they can get a fix on where it is, Solon tells them that there is trouble at the Beach End Plaza. Mucus leads Wreckmate and the Hengemen down the Plaza for beach supplies and ice cream of all things, just as the Rangers confront them. Zayto teleports in, deciding to step aside and let Aiyon lead the team. Aiyon leads the Rangers in the morph and they attack the group. While the rest of the Rangers deal with the Hengemen, Zayto and Aiyon activate the Blazing Battle Armor and Electro Battle Armor, using them to overpower Wreckmate. However, Wreckmate turns the tide by growing into a giant and nearly stomps at them.

Aiyon calls for the Zords and the Rangers form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. While the Megazord starts to overpower Wreckmate, the latter turns the tide and pushes them into the ocean. The Megazord starts to power down as it was not designed for underwater battles, and Zayto fears that the water will shut down their systems. The Rangers turn to Aiyon on what to do, but he clams up as he cannot figure out an answer over their predicament. As Wreckmate continues to attack them, Zayto suggests evacuating the Megazord so they can survive at the risk of losing their Zords, which Aiyon agrees to. The Rangers teleport away as Wreckmate forces the Megazord down to the sea floor.

Once the Rangers get to the beach, Aiyon realizes how difficult being a leader is as he could not handle the judgement from the others, which he did to Zayto years ago. Zayto does not care about that anymore, saying that all that matters is reuniting with Aiyon and having him back on the team. The two become friends again as Aiyon's Dino Key glows. He realizes that his Mosa Razor Zord has awakened as the latter attacks Wreckmate before he could destroy the Megazord. Aiyon asks Zayto to join him in saving the other Zords as he activates the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode. In contrast to the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation, the Mosa Razor Zord deals with Wreckmate better in the underwater environment and defeats him with the Harpoon Strike.

As the Rangers celebrate at Dinohenge, Zayto apologizes to Aiyon for not listening to him years ago. Aiyon admits that Zayto did not know at the time and made a tough call, which he learned in the fight. Aiyon decides to relinquish his position and tells Zayto to lead the team instead, with everyone okay with it as they seemingly forgiven Zayto for his previous mistakes. As the former knights do a friendly spar, Ollie wonders how Aiyon's Ranger energy awakened the Mosa Razor Zord. However, Solon knows why: it was because Zayto and Aiyon became friends again.


Dino Fury Keys


  • During the new intro, the Gold Ranger was mirrored.
  • When meeting Aiyon for the first time, Izzy says that Lord Zedd has been gone for ages; the Rangers fought him a mere two episodes ago.
  • When the Rangers morphed, Aiyon's key still had the screw showing.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 6
      • Wreckmate: 1 (taken by Void Knight after Wreckmate's assumed destruction)
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 8
  • While the episode does not show confirm Wreckmate's status after the Megazord battle, the next episode Our Hero confirms Wreckmate was believed to be destroyed by the Mosa Razor Zord and did not survive so the Sporix used by Void Knight to power him was possible reclaimed but he came back in episode 24. As the Rangers are not seen retaking Wreckmate's Sporix after his believed destruction, Void Knight or one of his surviving generals is presumed to have taken it back offscreen.
  • This episode debuts a new intro, which features Jordon Fite as Aiyon the Gold Ranger and the Mosa Razor Zord.
  • It is revealed that the Dino Fury Megazord is not waterproof.
  • Aiyon's morph sequence and roll call is seen for the first time.

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