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Anchor Mask.

Anchor Mask (イカリ仮面 Ikari Kamen) is the eighteenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Anchor Mask lead a scheme for the Black Cross to disable Varidreen, latching onto the Gorengers' vehicles and spraying its windshield before preventing the mechanics from working and forcing Akira and Daita to land in order to take the ship while they become distracted by Zolders. With the ship, he hoped to study it and the engine for the usage and purpose of the Black Cross. Once Varidreen falls into their hands, Akira tries to break in but discovers the heavily fortified nature of Anchor Mask's base, including land-mines and radar preventing any easy infiltration.

Ultimately, Aorenger decides to undertake a one-man operation to sneak in by diving through the water to the base so he can destroy the radar system and then allow the other Gorengers in so they can take it down. Ultimately the plan succeeds and the Gorengers take the base, retake Varidreen and destroy the computer storing any valuable information Anchor Mask has gained. Akira shoots several Blue Cherry arrows to stun the Masked Monster before the team uses a Gorenger Hurricane to become a small boat that Anchor Mask sails until it springs a leak, leading to its and his destruction. Ep. 72: Blue Secrecy!! Varidreen Left to be Dismantled


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Modus and Arsenal

Anchor Mask mostly uses a weapon that is a chain with an anchor attached to it; he also has a basic knowledge of mechanics to sabotage vehicles. He can also jump high into the air.



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Behind the Scenes

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