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Anchorcanth (アンカーカンス Ankākansu, 14) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Farah and Aquaiger


Its main abilities are an anti-spacial beam which can reach into space to attack and destroy satellites fired from the anchor-like right hand and three harpoons for the left hand. It also has a pair of cannons on each shoulder.


Anchor Canth is created to demonstrate the power of Doctor Man's new secret weapon: the super-computer known as Neo Intellect Brain, made to be smart enough to be able to precisely attack satellites and make them fall upon important points for destroying the Earth. However, Shirou reasons that if Brain is smart enough to have the ability to think on its own reason, then it also has the ability to possess emotions; using that notion, he taunts Brain to the point of creating anger, making him focus on attacking only Bioman and not the satellites and making Doctor Man realize his failure in usage and instead have Brain become the target instead of being the mastermind.

After Hikaru teaches it that it possesses other emotions such as love within itself, Brain chooses to sacrifice itself when Doctor Man tries to control Anchor Canth in a later battle. After regaining possession of the Mecha-Gigan, Bioman defeat it with the Cross Slash, destroying the robot with Brain's final sacrifice.



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