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An Oyster Stew is the sixtieth and final episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Zack wants to impress Angela for her birthday with a special present. He plans to take her to dinner, and seeks to get her a pair of pearl earrings. Rita Repulsa makes her own plans to have him give Angela the Pearls of Stillness thereby freezing everyone in sight including the Power Rangers. Only Tommy and Zack remain unaffected. They must work together to destroy the Oysterizer monster to break the spell.


Zack borrows Tommy's Shield

While Zack and Tommy work out at the Juice Bar, the former is concerned because Angela's birthday is coming up, and he wants to do something special. Zack wants to do pearl earrings even though they are out of his budget and takes Kimberly's advice about doing a singing card. Zack wants to take Angela out to a French restaurant and asks Tommy and Kimberly on a double date if Angela goes out with him. Meanwhile, Rita sees this from the Moon Palace and decides to give Zach what he wants. Goldar suggests calling in the Oysterizer and pollute the sea, which Rita agrees to.

The next day, Zack asks Angela out on a birthday date with the promise of a big surprise, and she reluctantly agrees after hearing about the French restaurant. At the Moon Palace. Rita contacts the Oysterizer from the sea, the latter promising to bring her the Pearls of Stillness. Meanwhile, Zack strikes out on buying pear earrings at the jewelry store due to their high expense and wonders what to do. While walking down the park, a mysterious person offers him some pearl earrings at a reasonable price, claiming they belonged to his deceased wife. Zack buys the pearls from the man, but the salesman reverts to a Putty Patroller once he leaves.

On Angela's birthday, Zack takes her out to the local French restaurant with Tommy and Kimberly joining them. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers are confronted by the Putty Patrollers in the park and fight them. In the Command Center, the alarm goes off on the Oysterizer's presence and Zordon orders Alpha 5 to pinpoint his location. Not only is the Osyetizer capable of destroying ocean life, but his Pearls of Stillness could also render anybody near them still. Zordon contacts Jason and warns him about this. Billy realizes that Zack unknowingly bought the Pearls of Stillness from Rita, and the trio teleport to the restaurant to warn him.

At the restaurant, Bulk and Skull perform a badly sung serenade to Angela, forcing Zack to give her the earrings early. Angela loves them, but Bulk and Skull's antics cause a server to drop a cake onto their table. As Zack and Tommy leave to clean up, Kimberly tells Angela to put the earrings on. Jason and the others arrive and tell Angela to stop, but they are too late. The Pearls of Stillness take effect, and everyone in the restaurant freeze in place. Having returned from the restroom, Zack and Tommy see this and teleport to the Command Center for more information.

Zordon fills Zack and Tommy in about the Oysterizer and how he must be stopped before he can pollute the ocean. The only way to break the stillness spell is to lure the Oysterizer out of the sea and break his pearl. However, Zordon warns them that the Oysterizer will try and draw them into the ocean and into an undersea battle, meaning the Zords would have to be used. Also, Zordon reminds Tommy about his temporary powers and asks if he is up for it. Tommy says he is as he and Zack morph.

The two teleport to the cliffside and split up to cover more ground. Zack gets the Oysterizer out of the ocean but finds himself at the mercy of the monster. The Oysterizer sprays Zack with an acid gel, causing the Black Ranger to suffer painful burns as he calls for Tommy's assistance. Before the Oysterizer can finish Zack off, Tommy arrives and knocks the monster away with the Dragon Dagger. Tommy lends Zack his Dragon Shield to heal the latter from the acid gel and increase his energy. When the Oysterizer attacks again, Tommy takes the blast and is thrown aside. A repowered Zack manages to punch the Oysterizer back into the ocean, believing that it broke the spell.

Indeed, it did as everyone at the restaurant is freed from the spell and the pearl earrings disintegrate. Believing Zack ripped her off, Angela storms out when the former tries to explain himself. Zack tells the others that they must go into the ocean with the Megazord and defeat the Oysterizer and the pearl, something Billy notes will be a first for them. The Rangers head off, morph, and go underwater inside the Megazord. They find the Pearls of Stillness just as a giant Oysterizer arrives. They use the Cranial Laser to destroy the pearls, angering the Oysterizer as he charges at them. The Rangers find out that the Megazord cannot fight well underwater, but thankfully, Tommy gets their distress message and summons the Dragonzord.

The Dragonzord arrives and launches the Oysterizer out of the ocean with its tail. Taking the fight to the surface, the Oysterizer chains up the Dragonzord and sprays acid at it. Thankfully, the Megazord emerges from the ocean and saves the Dragonzord by chopping the chain and removing the acid gel. The Oysterizer gets ganged up by the two fighting machines before the Megazord uses the Power Sword to destroy him.

Back at the Juice Bar, the Rangers see that the Oysterizer did not cause much damage as Trini helps Zack prepare a makeup gift for Angela. Zack said he learned how money could not buy love, and he should have been himself from the start. Using the last bit of cash to buy flowers, he has Bulk and Skull help him with a ballad to Angela. Angela forgives Zack as she was too materialistic, and they share a kiss.




  • Two scenes were cut from the Zyu2 footage that are visible on Jeff Pruitt's YouTube channel. The first is one where the Oysterizer prays to and worships the Pearls of Stillness and the other was Zack scanning for the monster using his helmet, this included a shot from his point-of-view of a 'computerized' (in reality, animated) display.
    • The former was likely cut to remove Christian imagery given his stereotypical bowing and thus prevent alienating the audience and the latter was probably cut due to being completely pointless and would eat up time for no reason.
      • Remnants of this removal can be evident in the case of the former though. If one pays attention to the Oysterizer's behavior on Rita's crystal ball. He is extremely protective and almost worshipping it and helps explain why the monster went ballistic when it was obliterated.
      • This concept of the helmet scanner was later revived as Rocky's Power Scan in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.
  • Another deleted scene from this episode would have shown Zack returning the Dragon Shield to Tommy, with a picture from the scene appearing on merchandise.
  • Released footage from Jeff Pruitt reveals that Tommy was not originally supposed to appear in the episode until after Zack needed his help. Saban just re-edited the footage to include him.
    • It can be presumed that the footage was changed because it would make no sense to hold Tommy back from the fight given Zack was out there alone against a very strong monster. If they froze him with the Pearls of Stillness, it would either not make sense to him being immune to the Pearls or a cure being found would raise the question of why the other Rangers didn't get it and had to be saved by the monster's defeat.
      • However, some aspects of this change are still evident in the episode since one may notice that Tommy basically disappears from the battle between morphing and when Zack has been taken down by the monster's acid.
  • This is the final appearance of the original Putty Patrollers although they would return in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
  • This is the final appearance of the original Megazord combo and the original Megazord's Power Sword although the former would return in the Beast Morphers episode "Grid Connection."
  • The hobo that gave Zack the Pearls of Stillness was played by Timothy Guest who previously played Monte Conte in the episode "Trick or Treat."
  • This is the final appearance of Angela, who would neither be seen nor mentioned again in the show.
  • The only episode showing Zack, or for that matter any of the other Rangers besides Jason, donning Tommy's Dragon Shield.
  • When they return to help Zack woo Angela at the end of the episode unpaid (Zack states that he is broke), Bulk and Skull perform their first apparently genuine act of kindness for any of the Rangers.


  • After Zack and Tommy morph, Tommy says "I'm right behind you guys", even though only Zack is with him.
  • Zordon told Zack he needed to destroy the Ecocyte Pearl to break the freeze spell, however simply knocking Oysterizer into the water did this.
  • In preparing to destroy the Oysterizer, the Megazord performs its "catching the Power Sword" move, despite the fact that it was already holding the Power Sword.
  • In one scene, Zyuranger text is clearly visible on Zack's belt buckle.
  • The Megazord's finisher shows it slashing vertically from the bottom up, but the shot on the monster is done as if it were from top to bottom.
  • Alpha says that the Zords will struggle to function underwater, but the Dragonzord resides in the sea. Jason confirms this later in the episode.
  • The Dragon Shield is cleaner and more golden while Zack is using it than when Tommy had it.
  • Despite being turned into stone, if you pay close attention some people are slightly moving.
  • When Jason, Billy, and Trini yell at Angela to not put the pearls on, if you listen carefully Jason’s voice cannot be heard.