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"Welcome back, Amu."
―Amu's mother reunited with her daughter.[src]

Amu's mother is a tiger Zyuman, one of Amu's family who she was forced to leave behind back in Zyuland after she was stranded in the human world.

Character History

Amu used to not tell her mom what was worrying her because she was afraid to worry her mom but then she learned that overdoing something would hurt her mom even more as well as hurt herself in the process. After that, they got along just fine. Amu and her mom almost have a habit of relying on other people to help them out before they overdo something. Ep. 23: Megabeast Hunter

About two months into their stay in the human world, Sela confided in her fellow Zyumans that she had missed her parents' anniversary, which led Amu to realize that her mother's birthday had passed the week before. Ep. 9: A Day Does Not End

Amu and mum

Amu reunites with her mother at her cafe in the reunified world.

After almost a year, the human world and Zyuland were unexpectedly merged when the Zyuohgers returned all King's Credentials to the Link Cube. Apologising for leaving her alone, Amu was welcomed back by her mother to her cafe where she was now serving human as well as Zyuman customers. Ep. Final: Earth is Our Home


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Behind the scenes


  • Amu's mother is voiced by an unidentified voice actor and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.


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