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The Amplifier Monster is a firestove bellow/speaker-theme monster, created by Kamdor. He, alongside Camera Monster, serves as one of two supporting antagonists of the episode "Lights, Camera, Dax".


A firestove bellow/speaker monster created by Kamdor from a large speaker. He and the Camera Monster fought Moltor's Lava Lizards alongside the Ninja Stuntmen that Kamdor brainwashed, which then turned into a three-way battle when the Power Rangers entered the fray. The Amplifier Monster was destroyed by Dax Lo in the Transtek Armor. Lights, Camera, Dax


This monster dosen't have much in a way of personality, only speaking in grunts.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: This monster possess big physical strength, enough to battle the Power Rangers.

Modus and Arsenal

  • Right Arm Cannon: The Amplifier Monster posses a cannon on his right arm that can fire clear yellow colored energy blast or clear yellow colored energy balls.

Behind The Scenes


  • This monster doesn't have an voice actor.


  • The Amplifier Monster resembles the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord of Power Rangers Time Force, the reason for this is because the Amplifier Monster's Boukenger counterpart, Kanadegami, as with each primary antagonist and each individual monster of the week was visually designed as an homage to the various robots and other mecha piloted by the protagonists of the 29 previous Super Sentai Series (except for J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai), as Boukenger was the 30th anniversary series. Kanadegami's look was based on the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord's counterpart, the V-Rex Robo of Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

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