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"It's about time! I've been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me foreveer!"
―Amphibitor's first words when arriving on the Subcraft.[src]

"Oh dear. The Jellybean Patrol. Can I help you? No way. I always finish what I start. Yum yum. Snack time!"
―Amphibitor when confronted by the Turbo Rangers.[src]

"What?! Oh YA!"
―Amphibitor after being enlarged by the Growth Torpedoes and his final words before his demise.[src]

Amphibitor was a red-eyed tree frog-like monster, who served as the final antagonist of the third part of the episode "Shift Into Turbo".


Amphibitor is first seen when Divatox rallies her monsters and Piranhatrons to attack Earth and destroy the Turbo Rangers to avenge the destruction of Maligore.

Amphibitor is later the first monster summoned by Divatox to Earth though he shows displeasure at her taking so long to summon her. Divatox sends Amphibitor with a mission; not to let Zordon leave Earth and go to Eltar by placing a special device which will close the space wormhole and block Zordon's pass. To try to stop the Turbo Rangers from interferring, Divatox sends Elgar to Earth with a fleet of armored vehicles only to be sent packing by the Turbo Megazord. Justin first goes to destroy the device and Amphibitor attacks him so the other Power Rangers arrive to help so Amphibitor fights them, The villain manage to hid the sun and cause an overcast and summon a swirl flow from Zordon's dimension.  However the Rangers are prepared and are winning in the second fight with the monster until Porto presents some special Growth Torpedoes to Divatox who has them fired. As the Turbo Rangers fight Amphibitor, the torpedoes strike around the monster who absorbs the resulting energy to grow and change his appearance. The Rangers summon the Turbo Megazord and perform the Turbo Megazord Spinout for the first time. A distracted Amphibitor is unable to react in time and is sliced through before exploding several times and being blown apart.


Amphibitor was an arrogant and confident monster, who took great pride in defeating the Turbo Rangers, as well as completing his mission. He was shown to be uncomfortable with not being chosen, for a task, for a long time, despite him being the first monster sent by Divatox. In addition to being loyal, he also seemed to have a big appetite, wanting to eat the Turbo Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


Strength: While jumping at the Turbo Rangers, a single slash to Tommy and Tanya took them down and even made Tommy fall down the stairs. A little later, whilst fighting the Rangers, he was able to take Tanya down with one strike despite not leaping this time.

  • Durability: A double kick from Tommy only knocked him sideways whilst the torpedoes slamming into him did nothing but allow him to grow.
  • Teleportation: Amphibitor was able to teleport from the unnamed planet Divatox held her meeting on to the Subcraft which was in Angel Grove Lake.
  • Energy Absorption: Like almost all other monsters in Turbo, Amphibitor was able to absorb the energy from the torpedoes to make himself grow.
  • Appearance Changing: Between being grown by the Torpedoes and the Spinout being performed, he got much darker in skin tone.


  • Agility: Amphibitor was able to easily duck and dodge multiple kicks from the Rangers.
  • Super Jumps:  Amphibitor was able to jump high enough that he could jump from regular ground to the top of some stairs.


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  • Knife and Fork: Being a gluttonous monster, Amphibitor had a giant knife and fork to aid him in combat.
    • Purple Energy Ray Projection: Amphibitor could fire a purple ray from his knife that was strong enough to take down Justin with one hit.

Behind the Scenes


  • Just like several other characters, Amphibitor was voiced by the late Bob Papenbrook.


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  • His name was a play on amphibian.


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