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"I haven't croaked yet, Rangers!"
―Amphibidor after being grown by the Scroll of Empowerment. [src]
"Just resting. What else do you got?"
―Amphibidior's final words before his death[src]

For the similarily named monster from Power Rangers Turbo, see Amphibitor.

Amphibidor is a robotic frog monster who serves as the primary villain of the second part of the three-part episode "Thunder Strangers".

Character History

Amphibidor is recruited by Zurgane to deal with the Power Rangers, he used his Polytrons on a lake to absorb the water, he converts Tori, she tryed to morphed, but she does not have the Ninja Morphed so she has to fight him powerless, Amphibidor had made a beat down on Tori, right before he was about to make the final strike, Blake in to help out riding a Motorcycle, he took the Polytron attack for Tori and was badly hurt, with Tori powerless and Blake wounded, Amphibator made an escape, he then later return and battle both the Red, Yellow and Blue Ninja Rangers, and had the upper hand until the Thunder Rangers came and (much to Amphibidor confusion) attack him, Amphibidor was no match for the Thunder Rangers and was destroyed by the Thunder Blaster, the Thunder Rangers destroyed Amphibator to return the favor. When Amphibidor grows, the Rangers summon the Storm Megazord to battle this frog monster, he had the upper hand until they equipped the Ram Hammer to knock the Polytrons at back him, but he wasn't finish yet, the Storm Megazord then use the Ram Hammers ultimate move to destroy Amphibidor.Thunder Strangers

Amphibidor is seen in the alternate dimension.The Wild Wipeout

Amphibidor is among the monsters freed from the Abyss of Evil by Lothor.Storm Before the Calm


Amphibidor is an arrogant alien frog that likes to toy around with his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Despite his apperants, he is strong enough to overpower the Ninja Storm Rangers.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Amphibidor can leap at far distance.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Being a frog-type monster, Amphibidor can jump in high distance.
  • Teleport: Amphibidor can teleport at any location.
  • Gravity Bomb and Chain Wrap: He can fire a purple energy blast from his mouth that can wrap his targets in a chain with a bomb attach to it, and then he can toss them with a gravity-like power that can cause the bomb to explode.
  • Eye Lasers: Amphibidor can fire powerful yellow energy laser from his eyes.


  • Polytrons: His signature weapons are Polytrons, small tadpole robots he fires from his mouth that carrys many abilities:
    • Water Absorbing: The Ploytrones can absorb water.
    • Exploding: The Polytron can explode on contact with enemies on command similar to that of a bomb.
    • Dehydration: The Ploytrones can also stick and dehydrate the victim if on contact as well.

Behind the scenes


  • Amphibidor is voiced by Mark Wright.


  • Amphibidor is the first monster to be destoyed by the Thunder Blaster.

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