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"Battles are... more fun to watch..."
―Final words before Death[src]

Amigard (アミガルド Amigarudo, 4) is one of the Players from Team Quval. His Blood Game is to kidnap two people that are close to each other and force them to fight. The loser is ejected into space, causing the winner to feel regret.

Character History

Amigard is one of Quval's players. Ep. 4: Howl in the Ring

Amigard is later "revived" and enlarged, alongside Trumpus, by Bangray after scanning Zyuoh Shark's memory of them. After, both of them are destroyed by Wild Tousai King. Ep. 24: Revived Memory

Ep. 34: Megabeast Hunter Strikes Back


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  • Medal Slot: Left Waist
  • Blood Game: Kidnapping two friends & forcing them to fight against each other. The loser is Sealed into a barrel and is launched into space, leaving the winner to feel regret over what they did.
  • Genre: Fighting


  • Fightomahawk (ファイトマホーク Faitomahoku): An ax which that can shoot a beam that can used for attack or trapping victims in barrels
  • Capture Net: A net Used for capturing living beings which can also be electrified.

Powers and Abilities

  • Head Thunder: An attack Amigard uses by shooting a lightning bolt from his head.
  • Combo: Congratulations! (コングラッチュレーション! Konguratchurēshon!): A combo move which Amigard throws multiple nets to shock enemies.

Behind the Scenes




  • Amigard's name is the pun of and Net ( Ami) and Asgard, the mythical home of the gods of Norse Mythology (Which was popularized by the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the home realm of the superhero version of the Norse God of Thunder, Thor).
  • His plan of making humans fight each other is similar to Saber Shadow's plan to gather darkness.


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