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"Ankylo Fury, Pink Ranger!"
―Roll call[src]
"T-Rex Fury, Red!"
―Alternate roll call

Amelia Jones is a journalist at BuzzBlast who becomes the second Dino Fury Pink Ranger, and the second Pink Ranger of the Dino Fury Rangers.


Early Life

Amelia's parents disappeared when she was young under mysterious circumstances, fueling Amelia's interest in the paranormal as she never stopped wondering about what happened to them. Since then, her paternal grandpa promised to make sure she'd be safe, which was difficult as Amelia always strived to do dangerous things according to him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-McScary Manor

Becoming a Ranger

"Emphasis on power. You're in big trouble now!"
―Amelia after morphing into the Dino Fury Pink Ranger for the first time.[src]

When Amelia was older, she started working for BuzzBlast who pleaded with her editor to report on Dinohenge and eventually got permission to run the story. Whilst vlogging, she accidentally met Ollie when she shot and electrocuted him with her Spook Snare and met his mother, who detected something underneath the Dinohenge until they were all kicked off-site by Warden Garcia. However, whilst they were packing up the gear, there was an earthquake, and they hid behind a tree. They witnessed the Void Knight break into a mysterious underground base and followed him to find a strange futuristic underground facility and the Void Knight confronted a Solonsaurs themed being named Solon and a strange Red Ranger. After the Void Knight threatened Solon, Ollie intervened with a Chromafury Saber that he got off the wall and Amelia shot him with her Spook Snare.

Amelia and Ollie became rangers for the first time.

However, when Solon tried to give them the Hengemen Key, the Void Knight caught it and used it to turn them into his foot soldiers. Amelia and Ollie were overwhelmed and cornered until the Sabers equipped them with the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon equipped them with their Dino Fury Keys and they used them to transform. Together with the help of the newly reawakened Zayto, they defeated the Hengemen and forced the Void Knight to flee. Zayto then revealed the history of the Dino Fury Rangers and both Amelia and Ollie agreed to become permanent Power Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Superstition Strikes

Days after meeting her new Ranger partners, the Rangers teleport down at the BuzzBlast area to investigate a Sporix report. They see a soap-covered being on a ladder, but Amelia grabs a hose and sprays it, revealing that it was her Pop-Pop all along. After some introductions, Amelia’s Pop-Pop reveals that he was hired to clean the windows at BuzzBlast, after the Rangers offered their help, Amelia accidentally walks under a ladder, making her and Pop-Pop fearful as it is considered bad luck to do it. Ollie is skeptical about that claim, but Amelia rips her sweater on the ladder and goes back home to change.

While walking through the park, Amelia sees a Sporix Cell hatch into Smashstone, who challenges her to a fight. Amelia morphs but struggles against him as she is forcibly demorphed by one of his blasts. Fortunately, the rest of the Rangers teleport in to help her, but when she deflects a blast from Smashstone with a trash can lid, it redirects to the Rangers, knocking Izzy and Javi out. While Zayto and Ollie fight against Smashstone, Mucus steals Amelia’s damaged Morpher. After the fight, Amelia feels guilty that her bad luck hurt Izzy and Javi, which Ollie continues to rudely mock, and is more in despair that she does not have a Morpher to become the Pink Ranger. Zayto calls Solon and asks her to make a new Morpher for Amelia, teleporting her back to the chamber so she can help her while the others go back to Pop-Pop.

Amelia fights Boomtower.

After Solon completes Amelia’s new Morpher, she is reluctant to join with her bad luck, but Solon believes that it's more of her mental focus on the bad stuff instead of the positive stuff what makes bad things happen. Boomtower then teleports in with Amelia’s old Morpher to the base and demands that they hand over the chest containing the Sporix. Amelia morphs and slashes her old Morpher, after a little fight she teleports herself and Boomtower out of the chamber and to the fight location and is joined by Ollie in fighting him while the others go up against Smashstone. Boomtower is beaten but manages to escape while Smashstone grows giant, though the Rangers later defeat him with the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation. Amelia later admits that she learned from Solon that luck is all mental based. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Superstition Strikes

After Pop Pop tells Amelia about encountering a ghost at a local estate, Amelia decides to check it out alone just to prove to Ollie that his skepticism is totally wrong. Once there, she runs into not a ghost, but another Sporix Beast. This Beast, Tombstress, is able to bind her with her bandages, and later, use her Mood Blast to make her angrier than she already is.


Amelia is an avid paranormal truther and dismisses all evidence to the contrary as bunk since it is impossible to prove or disprove their existence. She is however not ignorant and will do what's right whenever she needs to.


  • Ed Jones - Grandfather
  • Unnamed Great-Grandfather

Powers and Abilities

  • Martial Arts Experience: Amelia has three-years of karate experience prior to becoming a Ranger.
  • Swordsmanship: Amelia quickly became skilled with using a sword as soon as she and Ollie became Rangers. This is shown when she uses the Chromafury Saber to battle the Hengemen.


Dino Fury Pink Ranger

This is Amelia’s primary Ranger form granted by the use of the Ankylo Dino Key. It is based on an Ankylosaurus.




  • Ankylo Fury Strike: By inserting the spare Ankylo Dino Key in the Chromafury Saber, Dino Fury Pink gathers all of the Ankylo Hammer Zord's power and executes an extremely powerful energy slash, that takes the form of Ankylo Hammer's head.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 1-22

Dino Fury Red Ranger

Amelia temporary gained this form when she swapped bodies with Zayto, later forcefully demorphed due to inhabiting her signature energy in Zayto's body.



This Form is exclusively to Dino Fury Episodes 19

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Gravi Dino Key

The Gravi Dino Key allows Amelia to control the gravity of an enemy.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 2, 7, 20

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Sonic Dino Key

The Sonic Dino Key allows Amelia to enhance her sense of hearing.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 3

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Hover Dino Key

The Hover Dino Key allows Amelia to make any objects lighter, making it float.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 3

Dino Fury Pink Sprint Dino Key

The Sprint Dino Key allows Amelia to become faster in battle.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 4

Dino Fury Pink Elasto Dino Key

The Elasto Dino Key allows Amelia to stretch her body & become flexible, and as an armament it allows her to stretch her arm or the blade of her Chromafury Saber freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 8

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Hyper Dino Key

The Hyper Dino Key allows Amelia to unleash a powerful roaring attack and increase her attacking power, as well as slash energy crescents freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 9, 21, S2 Episode 8

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Muscle Dino Key

The Muscle Dino Key allows Amelia to enhance her strength.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 12, 22, S2 Episode 8

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Spin Dino Key

The Spin Dino Key allows Amelia to use a whirlwind attack that makes enemies spin out of control.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 15, 19

Dino Fury Pink Blazing Battle Armor

Dino Fury Red Blazing Battle Armor

"Blazing Dino Key, ready! Blazing Battle Armor!"
―Transformation announcement

The Blazing Battle Armor is the battle armor mode that was utilized by Amelia using the Blazing Dino Key in the Chromafury Saber. In this Battle Armor mode, Amelia can use fire-based abilities.



Appearances: Dino Fury Episode 11

Dino Fury Key

Dino Fury Pink Ranger Key

The Dino Fury Pink Ranger Key is based on the Dino Fury Pink Ranger. Using this key in the Dino Fury Morpher lets her transform into her respective Ranger form. This key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.

Behind the Scenes


Concept Art

Dino Fury Pink Ranger's Official Artwork


  • Amelia gains access to the Blazing Battle Armor, making her the first Ranger of her team to use a Battle Armor.


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