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Sampson Caves

Amber Beach is a city located in the Northeastern United States, surrounded by areas of paleontological interest and is home to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum.



It is also home to the Dino Charge Rangers. Tyler Navarro came to the city in search of clues to find his father who went missing 10 years before.


Griffin's Ranch.

Known Locations

  • Sampson Caves: It's the cave where the Red Energem was fossilized before being found by Tyler.
  • Mccadden Forest: The forest and valley where most of the battles between the Dino Charge Rangers and the villains occur. It's name was revealed in Silver Secret.


  • Most of the filming locations for it are located in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • It's implied that Amber Beach is located somewhere in the Northeastern United States. As such, Amber Beach is the only city in the series to be confirmed to not be in California.
  • "Amber Beach" is the name of a book written by Elizabeth Lowell, which could fit in with the idea that some concepts, such as the many prisoners on Sledge's ship are based on classic literature (Wrench is based on the Tin Man from The Wizard of OZ, Heckyl/Snide is based on Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Poisandra is based in the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, E.t.c.)


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