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Amazon Megas (アマゾンメガス Amazonmegasu, 41) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Farrah


A Neo Mecha-Gigan built to send out multiple "Dreamwave Rings" for hypnotizing the populace; its combat abilities include a sword for the right hand, a shield for the left arm, a fire cannon in its mouth called the Fire Storm, and tendril hair that emits electricity. Instead of a Mirage Fighter, its escape pod is within its helmet.


Amazon Megas is developed to assist in Gear's Dreamwave operation, using special rings originally devised and tested with Meltzer's control that create the image of a woman whose soothing singing voice puts anyone within its range to sleep, allowing for them to attack them in their dreams. After Bioman finally stop the rings with Jun's arrows and defeat Meltzer with Super Electron, Farrah uses Amazon Megas for combat. Bioman first use Weight Attack to stun the Neo Mecha-Gigan before Farrah escapes with the helmet and has its hair attack Bio Robo. The mecha cuts the hair to escape long enough to use Bio Particle Cut and finish it off.


  • Her abilities are strikingly similar to those of Bara Gūsuka (Somnibot in Power Rangers Zeo), as she too uses her singing to cast a sleeping spell and put her victims into a deep sleep.

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