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Amazon Killer (アマゾンキラー, Amazon Kirā) is a Vader Clan field officer who came from space.


Amazon Killer is a servant of the Vader Clan, associating herself with Queen Hedrian, but making her name and trade in the deepest reaches of the galaxy. She was most well known prior to coming to Earth as an occasional partner of the outlaw Inazuma Ginga, both of whom worked together to raid and pillage various places throughout the Galactic Union; however tending to skirt and become captured by the Galactic Union PoliceIcon-crosswiki as they betrayed one another on a constant basis. Eventually tiring of her partner's games, Amazon Killer left Inazuma Ginga behind and worked solo until she is summoned to Earth by Queen Hedrian upon the death of Zero-One, the leader of Black Magma's Zero Girls to become their new leader.Ep. 23: The Female Commander of Galaxy HauntsEp. 45: The Galaxy's Invincible Electric Man

Upon her arrival on Earth, Amazon Killer quickly makes a name for herself within Black Magma and against their enemies of the Guardians of World Peace, where her first scheme on action destroys the GWP's main base, forcing the team and squadron to retreat to a more secluded base for their own protection. She soon became fierce rivals with Takayuki Hiba, the new Vul Eagle whom she combatted with on a consistent basis while leading Black Magma's multiple schemes for the conquest of the planet or to satisfy the desires of her queen. With Amazon Killer around, the strength within Black Magma appeared to shift towards Hedrian away from actual leader, Führer Hell Saturn, and thus tended to force the organization into more trivial plans for her queen's desires than for planetary conquest.Ep. 23: The Female Commander of Galaxy HauntsEp. 24: Lake Hamana's Nessie

Eventually, Inazuma Ginga followed Amazon Killer to Earth in hopes of teaming up with her once again; however the commander knew of his traitorous nature and wanted nothing more to do with the space outlaw. But while she didn't want anything to do with him, Inazuma Ginga's eventual acceptance into Black Magma as well forced her to start following Queen Hedrian closely in using this to their advantage and secure a better position for them in the evil organization. The duo appear to sabotage the outlaw in an appearance of giving away secrets to the GWP regarding their plans to destroy a new satellite, leading to imprison him for their plans, but Amazon Killer is not without being blamed by Hell Saturn for the incident and ultimately has to destroy that satellite to prove she still had loyalty in the organization. With no choice and out of fear of Inazuma Ginga usurping her position within the group, the female warrior goes through and destroys the GWP satellite; but it isn't enough to ultimately prevent Hell Saturn from giving her command post to her former partner.Ep. 45: The Galaxy's Invincible Electric ManEp. 46: The Female Commander's (Secret) PlanEp. 47: The Machine Empire's Rebellion

Seeing as making sure that Queen Hedrian's ascension to Black Magma's leader was key to finally taking down Hell Saturn, she started to speak with Inazuma Ginga to work him into a mistrust of his new leader while her queen worked on making Hell Saturn more distrustful of the outlaw. This ultimately leads to Hell Saturn's death and Hedrian becoming the queen of the machine empire as intended. However, the taking over of the empire did not make things easier for Amazon Killer or her queen: Inazuma Ginga continued to plot for his own conquest by hoping to steal Sun Vulcan Robo to become his new super-weapon. Further, their own schemes become hindered by The Omnipotent God making itself known to Black Magma's remnants by reviving Hell Saturn as a living ghost and even messing with the Monger-maker to prevent them from using his technology for their own purposes. Ultimately, Queen Hedrian dies trying to both support and defy the Omnipotent God, leading Amazon Killer into the unlikely position of becoming Black Magma's new queen! As Queen, her first action involved the imprisonment of Misa Arashiyama, who had been summoned to Iron Claw Castle prior for Hedrian's ritual sacrifice and whom they saw as a valuable prisoner to deal with Sun Vulcan.Ep. 47: The Machine Empire's RebellionEp. 48: The Stolen Giant CarrierEp. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition Art

When Sun Vulcan and Commander Arashiyama finally track down Iron Claw Castle's location at the North Pole, The Omnipotent God forces Amazon Killer to deal with them personally when they arrive at the base. Lead to a frozen battlefield within the castle, she tries to gain the assistance of the Zero Girls, who choose not to fight alongside her making her realize that the writing was on the wall. Giving her all, the space warrior fights Sun Vulcan in a tough battle, ultimately being defeated by the New Vulcan Ball but not being killed by it. Commending Sun Vulcan for their battle even as the Omnipotent God continues to force her to fight, she tells the team where The Omnipotent God may be found to be dealt with before she takes her own dagger and stabs herself, committing suicide so as to not be controlled by the Machine Empire any longer. For her bravery and combat, Sun Vulcan salutes Amazon Killer before continuing their battle in the castle.

Amazon Killer is revived one final time by The Omnipotent God as a ghost within the Ice Room in order to torment Sun Vulcan into final surrender. After Black Magma's true leader is finally killed by Commander Arashiyama, her ghost disappears once again.Final Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora


Amazon Killer can disguise herself as a human, teleport, jump high, and can use a throwing knife, a claymore, and a shield.


  • Although she is a Sun Vulcan villainess, her allegiance to the Vader Clan outside Queen Hedrian is strange due to her not being known prior or fighting against the Vader Clan's main rival, Denziman.
    • However, Hedrian at one point suggests that if Amazon Killer was on Earth during the time of Denziman, the situation involving Demon King Banriki that occurred would have turned out differently to the Vader Clan's advantage.