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Amanga is a planet known for it's powerful and tough female leaders. According to one lore, the princesses of Amanga are separated from their mothers after birth and raised on their own with no one to protect them but a Space Beast nursemaid. By separating from their mothers, the female is prevented any connection to motherly love and thus becomes strong in body and mind like a male in order to rule the planet. The people on the planet were ultimately annihilated by a rival race who possessed an "anti-Amanga" energy which reacted negatively to the Amanga, destroying both in the process and possessing enough power to harm anyone hit by this reaction.Ep. 4: A Kiss After the FightEp. 52: Booba Dies on Earth

Adjutant Shiima of the Gozma was a former princess of Amanga prior to becoming a soldier within the ranks of Star King Bazoo. She was raised by the Space Beast Uba, who is also of this planet and who was utilized in a scheme to turn the animals of Earth against humans before being killed by the Changeman.


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