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Alphabet Soup is a morally corrupt, top-secret government facility that abducts young geniuses and utilizes their abilities for various military applications. The captured geniuses are deceived into believing they are allergic to the sun and thus cannot leave the facility and steered into seeing their situation as a fun game to make and test state-of-the-art weaponry.

Doctor K was abducted as a 5-year-old child and eventually left unable to remember her real name. She described her time at Alphabet Soup as "working around the clock." Ranger Yellow Working for the facility left her with no social skills and barely able to express her emotions. Fellow subject inmates Gem and Gemma were the opposite, left with childish, unrestrained personalities and so dependent on each other that they finished each other's sentences; they retained this childish enthusiasm even when talking about prison camp conditions and about how they planned to bomb a factory without freeing the workers first. In or Out

Two of the Soup's key projects were:

When Doctor K discovered they were being lied to about their sunshine allergy, she released the Venjix Virus to bring down the facility's defenses long enough for her, Gem, and Gemma to escape. However, she was stopped before she could activate the firewall to prevent it from spreading, despite warning her captors.

Venjix rapidly swept throughout the world, eventually taking over the technology of mankind and destroying much of the free world, the Alphabet Soup facility included. The Road to Corinth Even during the facility's collapse, the agents attempted to keep knowledge of the virus' origin secret by holding onto Doctor K, but were waylaid by Gem and Gemma, allowing her to escape.

Up until recently, Doctor K kept the origin of Venjix a secret but speaks freely of Alphabet Soup, most likely out of spite for them ruining her childhood. If any members of Alphabet Soup survived the Venjix apocalypse, they would be at the risk of prison or even worse; Doctor K's handlers had attempted to kill her and possibly planned to destroy the technology she had with her for fear of Venjix being traced back to them. Doctor K (episode)


  • The mobile video game Power Rangers All-Stars introduced another member of Alphabet Soup known as Professor Q. Professor Q was portrayed as a polar opposite to Doctor K, being kind and affectionate and was also said to be engaged to Scott Truman's brother.
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