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Alpha 55 is a robot assistant of the Hyper Force Rangers and the latest futuristic iteration of the Alpha series robots.

Character History

Based on his memory, Alpha 55 states he was constructed in the year 3015, he was programmed by Jen Scotts and given instructions to assist Time Force in an emergency. Like Alpha 6 in Once a Ranger, Alpha 55 was kept in storage inside a crate on an experimental Time Ship until Vesper broke open the crate, which woke Alpha up from his sleep mode. After helping the Time Force cadets get their ship's control panel working, Alpha 55 unlocks the black case Jen entrusted to her students using a holographic key projection to reveal that the case held morphers. He immediately knew that this meant these individuals on the ship are Power Rangers and followed Jen's instructions programmed into him to assist them. Alpha plotted the course for where the agents of the Alliance were headed to: October 31, 1994 Angel Grove, California USA. After some antics, including the Rangers accidentally opening a closet sealed by a button that said "Do not Touch" which contained the Hyper Force Blade Blasters, he mentions that the time ship had not been moving as the Rangers had no idea how to activate it. He helps them find the launch controls and explains that the ship has no need for the Transwarp Megazord to launch as it runs on Hyper Force Energy to warp instantly into the space-time continuum.

During a turbulent event on the ship that hurtled the crew into the RPM universe timeline after failing to catch up to the Alliance's timeship, Alpha 55 began to malfunction due to Venjix's influence over the world, shorting out before being damaged beyond his ability to function and going offline for a while.


Alpha 55 is very much like his predecessors, including exclaiming "Ai yi yi yi yi!". He is a bit more worried and exasperated when stressed unlike Alphas 5 and 6, but does his best to help the Hyper Force team.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation
  • Cloaking Mode
  • Chest Cannon
  • Historical Knowledge
  • Built in Lock Pick


  • According to the series, this particular Alpha model is fairly new, having been built in the year 3015, one year prior to the events of the series.
  • Originally advertised as the first female iteration of the Alpha series of robots, Holiday Special Featuring Santa! retcons Alpha 55 to being male instead, like the other Alphas before.


  • Alpha 55 is portrayed by the Game Master, Malika Lim. This makes her the third woman to voice an Alpha series robot. Katerina Luciani and Wendee Lee are the other two.

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