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For the original TV version of this character, see Alpha 5.

Alpha 5 is Zordon's trusted assistant and surrogate son, built on Edenoi by King Lexian thousands of years ago.

Character History

When the Command Center was destroyed, Alpha was totaled in the wreckage, leaving only his head behind. When Rita was sitting in her new throne, she spoke with Alpha briefly, saying that he could have been better off serving her rather than blindly serving "the old sage". She then cruelly orders that his body should be melted down and that his head be fashioned into a bedside lamp, but then his visor eyes began to glow, revealing that he was still activated. He later communicated with the Rangers several times.

He is later reprogrammed by Finster and Rita, but was later rescued by the Rangers and rebuilt good as new (meaning that Rita never really made good on her threat to melt down Alpha's body). He later piloted the Pterodactyl Dinozord.


  • Internal defense system
  • Blue Ranger Exosuit (temporary and rendered inoperative after a crash)


  • His body is a combination of all three of the bodies he had on the show - his Turbo body for his head and chest, his MMPR early season 1 body for his shoulder plates, and his MMPR season 3/Zeo body for his legs.
  • In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 7, Rita clearly makes reference to some kind of history with Alpha when she speaks to him briefly, stating that he could have been better off serving her than Zordon. While there is a possibility of stories that will eventually explore this, it may be a reference to when Rita and Finster turned Alpha evil in The Wedding, where he was completely loyal to her thanks to the reprogramming that he had received due to the virus.

See also

  • Alpha 1 - Alpha 5's "great-great-great grandfather", a former ally turned villainous A.I.


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