Icon-mmprmovie.pngThis article is about a/an character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.

For the original TV version of this character, see [[Alpha 5]].
"Aiyaiyaiyaiyai! Hold on, Zordon!"
―Alpha worries about Zordon's health[src]

Alpha 5 helped Zordon seek out six extraordinary teens to become the superhuman fighting force, the Power Rangers. Together with Zordon, he coordinates the Rangers' efforts at the Command Center as they battle all sorts of evil threatening the Earth.

Character History

To the horror of Alpha 5, he soon found the warning sensors of the Command Center going off worse than usual. However, there had been not activity from the fiendish duo Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Alpha traced the source of the warning to a construction site, where workers had accidentally uncovered the hyper-lock chamber that served as the prison of the malevolent morphological being known as Ivan Ooze.

On Zordon's orders, Alpha contacted the Power Rangers while they were skating and informed them that they needed to come to the Command Center as an urgent matter had arisen. After they arrived, Alpha began trying to restore the systems to normal; he explained to the rangers that the sensors were being overloaded by an evil power source, leaving Zordon to explain further.

Alpha and the Rangers

Once the Rangers knew about Ivan, Alpha added that the Ectomorphicon Titans were likely to have been buried near Ivan's prison; if Ivan uncovers them and rebuilds them, the entire world is in danger.

Later that night, Alpha learns from Zordon that the Rangers were unable to prevent Ivan from escaping his prison and that he will likely break into the Command Center. Alpha assures him no-one without a Power Coin can enter. Hearing a gurgling sound, Alpha found purple ooze coming inside - "Well, almost nobody." The ooze became Ivan, who admired the Command Center; Alpha surprised Ivan with a karate chop to the gut. Amused, Ivan zapped Alpha, leaving him spinning and speaking gibberish. Ivan then destroyed the Command Center's main room, leaving it with barely any power and Zordon outside of his time-warp.

The Rangers arrived on foot later, asking Alpha how to save Zordon. Alpha, by now mentally back to normal but physically weakened from Ivan injuring him, told them of the Great Power on planet Phaedos, using the last of the Morphing Grid's power to send them to the planet. Alpha then spent the rest of the time trying to get the Command Center's viewing globe to work. To both his and Zordon's horror, Ivan was slowly gaining control of the city. Eventually, the Hornitor and Scorpitron were rebuilt and attacked the city.

Later, upon their return, Alpha proclaimed that they were too late, but when the Rangers pooled their new power, Alpha regained his shininess and his life energy.


Like his prime universe counterpart, Alpha is very childlike, innocent and endearing. He is also panicky, exclaiming 'ai yi yi!' in situations of extreme panic.


  • In an original draft of the script, Alpha's attempt to fight Ivan off was more intense, with actual kicks and punches. [Citation needed]
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