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"Danger! Danger! It's the big one! I know it! We'll all be destroyed!"
―Alpha 5's first words when Rita Repulsa was accidentally released from her dumpster and caused an earthquake.[src]

―Alpha 5's catchphrase whenever something went wrong or he got excited.[src]

"Zordon, they've done it! They've made the metamorphosis!"
―Alpha 5 reacting to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers morphing for the first time.[src]

Alpha 5 is the fifth model of the Alpha Series who was put into operation to assist the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Zeo Rangers. He briefly assisted the Turbo Rangers until his departure to Eltar.



Alpha 5 was created by King Lexian on the planet Edenoi thousands of years ago; his memory banks contain many fond memories of that planet, but we never see those memories so we don't know what his "childhood" was like there. Alpha's close friend from his days living on Edenoi is Lerigot, the wizard of Liaria. No information has ever been given as to when and how they met, however.

Mighty Morphin[]

After being brought to Earth, Alpha 5 inherited the memories and knowledge of Alpha 4, but was put in a shut-down mode prior to Rita Repulsa's release. Following Rita's escape, under Zordon's orders, Alpha recruited Jason Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan and Kimberly Hart to form a new Power Rangers team.

From then on, an adviser, mechanic, tech-wizard, and overall friend to the Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin leading up to Power Rangers Turbo. Alpha was loved by the Rangers and Zordon and, during Tommy's stint as an evil Ranger, even acted as the sole mentor due to Zordon being lost in another dimension.

When the Command Center was destroyed, Alpha was totaled in the wreckage, leaving only his head behind. When Rita was sitting in her new throne, she spoke with Alpha briefly, saying that he could have been better off serving her rather than blindly serving "the old sage". She then cruelly orders that his body should be melted down and that his head be fashioned into a bedside lamp, but then his visor eyes began to glow, revealing that he was still activated. He later communicated with the Rangers several times.

He is later reprogrammed by Finster and Rita but was later rescued by the Rangers and rebuilt good as new (meaning that Rita never really made good on her threat to melt down Alpha's body). He later piloted the Pterodactyl Dinozord. Comicicon COMIC STORY- [[|]]

However, because of their duties as the protectors of Angel Grove, the Rangers rarely spent any quality time with Alpha, which devastated him. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wanna-Be Ranger

His despair and need for the love of Zordon and the Rangers only came up to the surface when he was turned evil by Finster's personality-altering disc, whereupon his inner rage consumed his central processor. Alpha is constantly left alone in the Command Center/Power Chamber, and very rarely gets to leave; as a result. This serves as a catalyst for his later conversion to evil.

As Rita returned to the Moon Palace after her banishing by Lord Zedd at the start of Season 2, she had Finster create a love spell to make him fall in love with her. They decided to create a wedding gift so Zedd had Finster recreate his best monsters to kill the Power Rangers as a wedding gift. Meanwhile, Zordon went into temporary hibernation and left Alpha in charge who went outside of the Command Center to pick flowers although Putties appeared and grabbed him until Finster inserted a disc into his back which turned him evil. When he returned inside, Zordon picked up on his switch and tried to stop him but Alpha modified his face to look more goofy before muting him and teleporting the Power Rangers (who were in Australia) to the Specter Theater where thier weapons would be unavailable and they would be unable to teleport out. When they later left, Zordon tried to appeal to him again but Alpha cut the connection and teleported the Power Rangers back to the Specter Theater when they were defeated in thier Zords by the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster. Luckily, the Power Rangers later escaped by tricking the two monsters and made it back to the Command Center where Alpha tried to play it cool. However, Billy noticed the virus disc and ripped it out which removed the virus and returned Alpha to the side of good. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding


Alpha 5 in the comics

Rita clearly makes reference to some kind of history with Alpha when she speaks to him briefly, stating that he could have been better off serving her than Zordon. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 7 While there is a possibility of stories that will eventually explore this, it may be a reference to when Rita and Finster turned Alpha evil Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding, where he was completely loyal to her thanks to the reprogramming that he had received due to the virus.


However, Alpha and Zordon survive by going to the Power Chamber and bring the Rangers down to it where they are made into the Zeo Rangers. Zordon also welcomes Tanya Sloan as the new Yellow Ranger who has been sent back by Aisha in her place. Tvicon TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning


When the opportunity presented itself, Alpha 5 left with Zordon to the planet Eltar and was replaced by Alpha 6, his "brother" whom he programmed in the Power Chamber before leaving. His last known appearance is in the episode "Passing the Torch", where he and Zordon returned to witness the Veteran Rangers passing on their powers, and oddly, he is in his old robot body rather than his shinier, more advanced one.

Dino Thunder[]

Alpha 5 is featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he forms the Dino Rangers which is found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. However, Tommy does not mention Alpha's current whereabouts.Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power


This Alpha possibly has a star system named in his honor which is unfortunately laid waste to by high-class alien criminals Gineka, Chiaggo and Delapoo at the direction of intergalactic arms dealer Broodwing. Thanks to the efforts of the B-Squad Rangers though, especially Bridge Carson this does not go unavenged. Tvicon TV STORY-Robotpalooza

Dino Fury[]

Zordon and Alpha 5 in archive footage of Dino Fury

Alpha 5 is seen in the Legendary Ranger Database.

Solon retaliate to Ollie Akana about Lord Zedd, while she investigates the Legendary Ranger Database Mick gave them. Looking through the files, they see Lord Zedd's history as the Emperor of Evil and his countless fights against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Alpha 5 and Zordon are seen briefly from the Command Center seeing how Lord Zedd use the Rock of Time to turn the Rangers into children. Tvicon TV STORY-Old Foes


Alpha's personality throughout most of his appearances was kind, loving, and innocent. He is also quite panicky and goes 'ai yi yi yi yi yi yi!' when in a panicked state; this has become a well-known catchphrase for most of the Alpha robots.

In "The Wedding", however, thanks to Finster's personality-altering computer program (inside of a compact disc) and Alpha's subsequent reprogramming for evil, Alpha was transformed into an angry, obnoxious and megalomaniacal brat bent on destroying the Rangers and becoming famous for their deaths as a result. He even silenced Zordon three times, once by simply muting him, by commanding him to be silenced, and again by cutting him off from our dimension (though not by un-anchoring him the way Tommy did in Green With Evil, due to repeated footage recycling) and repeatedly insulted and mocked him. He also, while he is in this brainwashed state, has complete fealty to Zedd and Rita, as he declares that the Command Center would be all his when the Rangers become Zedd's prisoners in "The Wedding" ("With the Rangers prisoners of Lord Zedd and no Zordon, the Command Center will be mine! ALL MINE!").

Surprisingly, while Alpha 5 is a robot, he has an amazing range of emotions that make him very humanlike. Alpha also gets very sad when the Rangers leave him alone; this is shown in "The Wanna-Be Ranger", "A Friend in Need" and "The Wedding". This is also shown in Alpha's Magical Christmas and its audio book adaptation Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug. At times, Alpha can also act very paternalistic, making him sort of the "mother hen" to the Rangers and some others (such as the children in his Christmas special, when he paternally reminds the kids not to open the gifts he gave them until the next morning).


Alpha 5

Alpha 5

Powers and Abilities[]

Alpha does not have much in the way of attacking enemies, but in "Power Ranger Punks" and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, he can shock enemies with electrical charges of white energy. However, this does little damage to enemies, only stunning or shocking them briefly. His movie counterpart attempted to fight in a more traditional fashion, but did not defeat Ivan Ooze.

He was also the sole architect of both the original Command Center and, later, the Power Chamber.

As revealed in "Power Ranger Punks", Alpha is adept at creating potions and tinctures (his skills rivaling that of Baboo and Rita themselves), with an example being the creating of the anti-punk antidote made from the Singing Squash.

Through the power of the Universal Morphin Grid, Alpha has the ability to create organic matter, such as flowers; he can also utilize its power to create clothing and, in his Christmas special, decorations, toys and Christmas gifts. In the same special, he also can rearrange the lights in the Command Center to form various shapes. It is unclear if he used his powers to create weapons for himself and the Eltarians during the war on Eltar before Dark Specter conquered the planet.

As an artificial intelligence, Alpha 5 is not susceptible to old age or death.









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Behind the Scenes[]


  • Alpha 5 was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz and suit acted by Romy J. Sharf, Sandi Sellner and finally Donene Kistler. Horvitz is best known as the voice of the titular character from the cult classic TV series Invader Zim.
    • The identity of Alpha's voice actor remained a mystery for several years because Richard was credited under as the pseudonym Richard Wood. Alpha's Magical Christmas was the first episode to credit him under his actual name.


Alpha is a young robot that is only about four feet high, and has a red-and-gold casing over a black body. His head is flying saucer-shaped, and his "eyes" are a red bar that flashes across its front, similar to the Cylons in'Battlestar Galactica (the 1978 to early 1980s versions). He has a gold lighting bolt on his chest that flashes. On Alpha's arms are two golden "elbow caps" that limit the movement of his arms. He also has big and clunky feet. On Alpha's back is a golden badge-shaped CD compartment that was used to put a disc into him on two occasions.

The Alpha 5 costume was constructed in such a way that Sharf, Sellner and Kistler could not sit down while wearing it, similar to the C-3PO costume in Star Wars. Any scenes where Alpha sits down would have required the costume to be partially disassembled first. This principle is true for Alpha 6 too, but Alpha 6 appears to walk much more freely.

Alpha Live

Alpha 5 as seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live.

Alpha, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, resembles his design from stock drawings of the character as he appeared on merchandise during the show's early years. He appears to walk much more freely in this appearance, but he still does not fight in traditional methods.

10629637 10202776520273954 6171001186096099858 n

Alpha 5's shinier body.

In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, he was upgraded with a shinier, more advanced version of his body, this one being much "beefier". His body is now blue instead of black. His arms are bigger, his flashing lightning bolt now points straight down and is arrow-shaped, and the small dome on top of his head is gone. He is also now much shinier and more reflective. Gone also are the gold elbow caps as well, allowing for more greater movement of the arms. This body was later used for Alpha 6, and parts of it were used for Alpha 5's upgraded form Alpha 7.


  • Richard Horvitz has confirmed that he himself came up with "ai yi yi" as Alpha 5's signature line when filming for "Day of the Dumpster" began.[1]
  • Alpha 5 is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet. "Alpha" (Greek: άλφα) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, represented by the symbol A in uppercase, and α in lowercase.
  • In Power Rangers S.P.D., a planet named "Alpha 5" is mentioned.
  • Alpha appears on the 404 Error page at powerrangers.com, with this message: "ALPHA-5 ERROR ALERT Ay-yi-yi! My sensors tell me that the page you are looking for does not exist. Sorry!"[2]

    Evidence of how long Alpha 5 was planned for Power Rangers.

  • Alpha 5 was planned as a character since Power Rangers' earliest incarnation Bio-Man, as a promotional folder reveals Alpha's name (written as Alpha-5) over a picture of Peebo.

Popularity and Legacy[]

Tumblr mm6q4kPuzG1r84ib3o1 500

Alpha 5 on a Gosei Morpher card.

Alpha 5 is considered a beloved character by fans; Alpha's Magical Christmas was made to give him a starring role in a Power Rangers project, as he had a supporting role during most of his appearances. Years after Alpha's departure for Eltar, Bandai America issued a Gosei Morpher/Power Rangers Action Card Game card bearing Alpha's image. The image features several minor discrepancies from the original costume from season 1 and more resembles his body from season 3 and Zeo, such as additional segments on his shoulder pads and pelvic parts and additional plating beneath his visor.


Power Rangers Mighty Force[]

Alpha 5 is set to appear as a story character, reprising his role as a support to the player and their team(s).

Puzzle and Dragons[]

Puzzle and Dragons Alpha 5

Alhpa 5 in Puzzle and Dragons.

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, Alpha 5 was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons. He has since been removed from the game after the collaboration ended.


  • For 1 turn, 3x ATK for Fire Att.; Create 3 Fire orbs

Leader Skill[]

  • 6x ATK when all cards are from ; 3x ATK when 6 or more combos

Power Rangers Action Card Game[]

Alpha 5 appears in the American trading card game Power Rangers Action Card Game.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Alpha 5 is a playable character in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. He appears in both the Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Box and Legendary Rangers: Forever Rangers Pack expansions. Both versions play slightly different from one another.

See Also[]

  • Peebo, the robotic ally of the Biomen and inspiration for Alpha 5.

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