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"Let's start here."
―Almadon's first words when telling a Gormin where to place a bomb.[src]

"The wanted pirates! How'd you learn we were setting bombs throughout the city while you were busy fighting those giant Sgormin!?"
―Almadon when confronted by the Gokaigers (who were standing opposite him when he told the Gormin where to place the bomb).[src]

"What was that!? What's going on?"
―Almadon when he realized that his collar was a bomb after GokaiSilver ripped it off of him and his final words before his death.[src]

Almadon (アルマドン Arumadon) was a shimp themed Action Commander.


Almadon is a warrior who wears a collar that produces his Alma Barrier (アルマバリアー Aruma Bariā) and was in charge of "Operation Giant Sgormin Decoy and City Bomb Planting" (巨大スゴーミンを囮にして街に爆弾を仕掛ける作戦 Kyodai Sugōmin o Otori ni Shite Machi ni Bakudan o Shikakeru Sakusen). He is sent to plant a bomb in the city of Tokyo and completely destroy it whilst using giant Sugormin as a distraction as he knows that the Gokaigers will interfere. The distraction does not work as they are able to find out while looking for the Amazing Silver Man prophesied by Navi. The Gormin and the bomb are all taken out, infuriating Almadon. The Gokaigers use the Sixth Ranger Ranger Keys recently taken from Basco against him but prove no match for the Alma Barrier until Don as DragonRanger attacks the back of his collar, turning off the barrier and forcing him to retreat.

On the Gigant Horse, Almadon is chastised by Warz Gill for the failure whilst he disrespects him before leaving to kill the pirates to avenge his wounded pride. Warz gets an idea as soon as he leaves and whispers to Insarn about it. Later, he stumbles upon them again with an upgraded collar but, before the Gokaigers and Almadon's forces charge at each other, Gai Ikari interrupts the fight to reveal himself as he undergoes his first transformation into Gokai Silver, singlehandedly destroying the Gormin. However, he cannot get through the Alma Barrier so the Gokaigers battle him instead. Back in the Gigant Horse, Warz reveals his plan: the new collar is not an upgrade, but a bomb made to blow up Almadon and take out the Gokaigers with him, much to Damaras's shock and disgust. Gokai Silver realizes how transparent the new collar is and rushes to stop the Gokaigers from attacking it. He then uses his Gokai Spear to grab off the collar and fling it into the air before it detonates, shocking Warz to the point of passing out. Gokai Silver then destroys the Action Commander himself with the Gokai Shooting Star attack and he is not enlarged because Insarn is busy helping a fainted Warz Gill.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Even without his shield, Almadon took multiple energy slashes from the Gokai Spear without getting a scratch.
  • Lightning Blast: Almadon was able to fire blue lightning blasts from his hands strong enough to take down all five Gokaigers with one blast.
  • Alma Barrier (アルマバリアー Aruma Bariā): Almadon was able to activate the shield on his collar at will.


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  • Fists: Almadon had no weapons of any kind by default but was a skilled hand to hand combatant.
  • Collar: Almadon's signature weapon was a massive white collar which projected a massive clear forcefield capable of making even the Gokai Sabers completely useless.
  • Dynamite Bomb: Almadon initially came to Earth with a big dynamite bomb to try and blow up the Gokaigers but it destroyed some Gorin Soldiers instead.

Behind the Scenes


  • Almadon was voiced by Makoto Yasumura (保村 真 Yasumura Makoto) in his first Super Sentai role.


Concept Art


  • His name came from "Armageddon."


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