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"Well, I hate to burst your inflated badge, bucko, but it happens to be the truth. The name's Ally Samuels. My dad owns Samuel's Clothing. And if you take a look behind that prejudging brain of yours, you'll see our name on the side of the van."
―Ally Samuels[src]

Ally Samuels is the daughter of the owner of Samuels Clothing, a store that helps the less fortunate in Newtech City.


When she is first introduced, Jack Landors witnessed her loading a truck up with clothes. Under the assumption she was stealing them like he used to with Z, he revealed his identity as a S.P.D. officer and placed her under arrest. Jack is thoroughly surprised when Ally reveals herself to be female and attempts to mask this surprise by calling her a "thief".

Offended, Ally explains that she worked for her father's store (Samuels clothing), who helped the less fortunate in the city out of kindness and says he would've known all of this had he simply asked for identification or even looked at the name on the truck. Embarrassed, Jack apologizes and starts to leave, when he asks if she wanted any help. Despite her reservations, she accepts his help and apologized for her unkind behavior.

After Jack is called away on a mission, he decides to spend more time with Ally, implying that the two may have started a relationship. His time with her eventually conflicts with his job as an S.P.D. officer after he leaves his Delta Morpher unattended when he and Ally are out at the beach fishing. His duties to SPD eventually cause a strain on their relationship. Ally is openly disgruntled with his failure to appear when promised, telling him that he would eventually have to decide between helping her with the poor and or pursing his career at S.P.D..

After the final battle against Gruumm and Omni was won, Jack resigned from S.P.D. and went into business with Ally, helping those in need. They were also joined by Piggy.


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  • Mr. Samuels - Father (mentioned)

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