This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Samurai.

All In Good Time is a comic story based on Power Rangers Samurai, which was printed as part of the 2nd issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji is teaching the Rangers the art of Battle Meditation, everyone joins in except Mike who cannot see the point and is just messing about. Mentor Ji is disappointed in Mike so tells him to leave. Later, the Rangers, meet up in town but their fun is cut short when Moogers appear, with their Samuraizers the Rangers morph into their suits and attack but out of nowhere the Nighlok Black Vortex appears, as the Green Ranger attacks all of the Rangers are knocked to the ground in a split-second. They attack again this time as a team but as the spiral on the chest of Black Vortex starts to spin the Rangers get frozen in the air and again Black Vortex knocks them all to the ground. Suddenly Jayden spots the spiral on the chest of Black Vortex and figures it stops time, as Black Vortex tries it again Jayden decides to try the Battle Meditation. With all the other Rangers frozen Jayden can still move, it worked. Using his Fire Smasher he defeats Black Vortex and frees the others. Now its time for the Mega Monster so the Rangers combine the Megazord. Black Vortex stops time and the Rangers use their Battle Meditation to move freely, all except Mike who is out cold and as he controls the right leg the Megazord cannot move allowing Black Vortex to knock them over. Jayden helps Mike with his Battle Meditation who finally gets it, since they cannot be frozen any more the Megazord attacks with a massive strike of its Samurai Sword destroying Black Vortex.[2]




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