This article is about a/an pair of monsters in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

A pair of Evil Space Aliens arrived on Earth in a huge UFO which crashlanded near Angel Grove disguised as a meteor. Wishing to learn the Evil ways of Lord Zedd, they found themselves rapping on the large doors of a dark cave, which Lord Zedd made his base of operations while on Earth. They subsequently joined his plot to defeat the Power Rangers by capturing them two by two, blocking Adam and Aisha's exit when they attempt to escape the cave. The aliens later joined with Goldar and Zedd's Putty Patrollers in fighting the other Rangers. After Zedd is repelled by the Thunderzords reflecting his magic back at him and Adam and Aisha are returned, the aliens are defeated along with Zedd's army by the six Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live


  • Along with the other monsters who exclusively appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, this pair of aliens are an original creation and do not appear in any Super Sentai series.
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