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Alien Rangers of Aquitar are the thirty fourth and thirty fifth episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3. They are also the one hundred and forty-six & one hundred and forty-seventh episodes of the series as a whole.

These episodes mark the debut of the Aquitar Rangers and their Battle Borgs. It continues from Rangers in Reverse.

The 24th and 25th Zeo Serial Shorts aired before a later airing of both parts of the episode.



  • Among the monsters at Master Vile's conference in the first part are Crabby Cabbie, Brick Bully's second form, Miss Chief, See Monster, Lanterra, the as-yet unintroduced Arachnofiend, and Kakuranger monsters Shirouneri (unused in this series), Keukegen (unused in this series), Nopperabou (unused in this series), and Bimbogami (unused in this series).
  • Final episode to feature giant Goldar and Rito.
  • The Battle Borgs are streamlined versions of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Shogunzords, but are controlled telepathically without the aid of a pilot.
  • The Aquitar Rangers in morphed form, use the suits of the five main Rangers from Kakuranger.
  • The coins the Aquitar Rangers use to summon their Battle Borgs are the coins from the Kakuranger's Doron Changer henshin devices which are not used for the Aliens to morph in the show.
  • Final semi-regular appearance of Master Vile. He makes his next appearance in "A Zeo Beginning".
  • This two-part episode picked up where "Rangers in Reverse" left off.
  • This episode has Giant Rita Repulsa, Giant Zedd, Goldar and Rito Revolto.
  • When Alpha is first seen outside the command center, a tree can be seen behind the building. This is a mistake, as there has been no vegitation seen in any prior shots featuring the command center's exterior.
  • Alpha mentions that if something happens to him while he's trying to disarm the bomb, there will always be an Alpha 6, who would be introduced in Turbo's "Shift Into Turbo".
  • When young Adam shouts at the Tengas just before dropping something on them, the closed captions erroneously refer to the speaker as "Jason".
  • In the ending credits, Aurico and Cestro are mistakenly referred to as "Aurica" and "Cesta" respectively.
  • Part 2 is the last episode to use the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers title card.


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