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The Alien Ninja Corps (宇宙人忍者群団 Uchūjin Ninja Gundan) is led by Spear Two, Chuuzubo. It is a group of elite alien chūnin (中忍 "mid-level ninja") with biological motifs and Japanese-style outfits.

Enlargement Technique

Wendinu's bazooka

Art of Giant Regeneration Scroll

"When I, Wendinu, shoot my bazooka loaded with the spell, the fallen one will be regenerated and become a giant with even more power!"
―Wendinu's standard narration whenever she deploys the Art of Giant Regeneration Scroll

Members of the Alien Ninja Corps are enlarged by the Art of Giant Regeneration Scroll (再生巨大化の術の巻物 Saisei Kyodaika no Jutsu no Makimono), a magical scroll containing an ancient Jakanja spell that is fired from Spear Four, Wendinu's bazooka. The words "Reborn Again Evolve Huge" are written on the scroll in the Jakanja script.

Barrier Ninja Kekkaibo

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Barrier Ninja Kekkaibo (結界忍者ケッカイ坊 Kekkai Ninja Kekkaibō, 1, Movie): A mantis chūnin, his talent of destroying barriers allowed him to remove the forcefields around Hayate and Ikazuchi Academies so the Jakanja forces could destroy the students of both schools. He was the Hurricangers' first opponent and was defeated by the Dry Gadget.

Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo

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Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo (コピー忍者クリソッツ坊 Kopī Ninja Kurrisotsubō, 3, Movie): A chameleon chūnin that can the Space Ninpo "Kuriso-Copy" to create clones of people. He was sent to replace the employees of a TV station with his clones. He was defeated by Karakuri Giant Senpuujin's Hurrier Mode/Sword Slasher combo.

Poison Flower Ninja Hanasakkadoushi

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Poison Flower Ninja Hanasakkadoushi (毒花忍者ハナサッカ道士 Dokubana Ninja Hanasakkadōshi, 5, 25): A chūnin master of flower arrangement, he was sent to cover the Earth with his poisonous plants, using the Miharaishi Bathhouse to hide the mother plant. Though Kouta Bitou and Nanami Nono were too late to stop the blooming, Yousuke Shiina destroyed the main flower, killing the dependent plants. Hanasakkadoushi was killed by Senpuujin with the Sword Slasher.

Once resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, Hanasakkadoushi attacked Osaka, halted by HurricaneYellow until he withdraw to fight Vamp-Iyan, whose death forced Hanasakkadoushi back to the afterlife.

Dimensional Ninja Futabutabou

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Dimensional Ninja Futabutabou (次元忍者フタブタ坊 Jigen Ninja Futabutabō, 7, Movie): A pig chūnin, the strongest in Chuuzubo's group. Using his Space Ninpou: Dimensional Pig (宇宙忍風 次元豚 Uchuuninpō: Jigenbuta), he brought the Hurricanegers into his own personal dimension where he is defeated and forced to retreat, much to Chuuzubo's dismay. In the second round, Futabutabou was prepared, using his Ninpo to draw Solar Flares into his attacks. Though defeated by Senpuujin's Sword Slasher, he was resurrected, only to be killed again by Senpuujin.

Propagation Ninja Kuttsukuhoushi

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Propagation Ninja Kuttsukuhoushi (繁殖忍者クッツク法師 Hanshoku Ninja Kuttsukuhōshi, 9, 25, Movie): A cicada chūnin who used his "Space Ninpo: Cicada Transfer" to take 100 to begin the pupation ceremony to overrun the world with cicadas and obtain "it". However, Kuttsukuhoushi had a short lifespan and died before he succeeded. He was revived only to get killed again by Senpuujin's Sword Slasher. Killed by Senpuujin with the Sword Slasher.

Once resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, Kuttsukuhoushi attacked Hakata until Vamp-Iyan's death forced Kuttsukuhoushi back to the afterlife.

Nightmare Ninja Yumebakushi

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Nightmare Ninja Yumebakushi (悪夢忍者ユメバクー師 Akumu Ninja Yumebakushi, 11, 25): A tapir chūnin who used his "Space Ninpou: Sleep Tight" to place children into a deep dream that they could never wake up from, turning them to stone. His only offensive attack is "Space Ninpo: Explosive Flames". Yumbakushi's "dream self" was defeated by Hurricane Yellow and obliterated by the Triple Gadget, mortally wounding Yumebakushi in the real world before he was enlarged and killed by Senpuujin with the Goat Hammer.

Once resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, Yumebakushi attacked Nagoya, until Vamp-Iyan's death forced Yumbakushi back to the afterlife.

Dancing Ninja Higenamazukin

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Dancing Ninja Higenamazukin (ダンシング忍者ヒゲナマ頭巾 Danshingu Ninja Higenamazukin, 13, Movie): A catfish chūnin who used his "Space Ninpo: Catfish Moustache" to force humans to be under his control. To release them, the Hurricanegers have to defeat Higenamazukin. Destroyed by the Triple Gadget, he was revived by Wendinu. Higenamazukin was destroyed by Senpuujin with the Gatling Leo when he ran at them.

Once resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, Higenamazukin attacked Sapporo and battled KabutoRaiger until Vamp-Iyan's death forced Higenamazukin back to the afterlife.

"Back To" Ninja Octonyuudou

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"Back To" Ninja Octonyuudou (バックトゥ忍者オクト入道 Bakku tu Ninja Okutonyūdō, 14, 25): In a vain attempt for a second chance, Chuuzubo summons his cousin to help him, with Octonyuudou intent to make Earth the 88th planet he destroyed. Using his talent, "Space Ninpo: Back to the Child", he sprays octopus ink in people's faces to turn them into 5-year old with the residual age turned into candy. Yousuke was among the victims, until he was restored to his age by eating the candy where his true age was being held. Though defeated by the Triple Gadget, Octonyuudou was revived by Chuuzubo, only to be destroyed by Senpuujin's Squid Attacker, with the Gouraigers watching nearby.

Octonyuudo was one of those resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, attacking a Okinawan beach and fighting Kuwaga Raiger until Vamp-Iyan was killed.

Mist-Spitting Ninja Kirikirimaishi

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Mist-Spitting Ninja Kirikirimaishi (霧吐き忍者キリキリマイ師 Kirihaki Ninja Kirikirimaishi, 16): A snail chūnin who used his Space Ninpo to gather a supply of minus energy into his shell to start a second Ice Age of darkness. Though killed by Senpuujin with the Sword Slasher, the magic from Kirikirimaishi's shell sent the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers to an island created by his father.

Island Ninja Girigirigaishi

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Island Ninja Girigirigaishi (島忍者ギリギリガイ師 Shima Ninja Girigirigaishi, 17-18, Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger): Kirikirimaishi's father, a turban snail chūnin who used some of the minus energy his son gathered to create the island, planning to use the rest of the energy to start the Ice Age. His Space Ninpo are flame-based and his Girigiri Gas can induce insanity. Upon defeat by the Triple Gadget, the fog that covered the world was lifted. Girigirigashi was soon killed by Gouraijin with the Plant Axe and Senpuujin Hurrier. He was revived later by Chubouzu, only to be killed again by Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin Sword & Shield.

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