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This unnamed Alien is a monster that guarded the Galaxy Book on the abandoned ship in The Rescue Mission. It's unique in the sense that it has no counterpart from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (the season Lost Galaxy is based upon) as it's a character made exclusively for the episode.

Background History

The origins or life of the Alien prior to its time on the ship is unknown, it's generally believed to have attacked and killed the crew on the ship, either for the Galaxy Book or another reason entirely. Whenever the Galaxy Book is taken from wherever it was left, it triggers an aggressive reaction from the Alien.

It is a creature of undefined strength, speed and agility. When it attacked the GSA, it moved faster than the squad can react. It has the ability to crawl along any and all surfaces in the ship, traversing the paths and using it gain ground on its victims. It secretes a green mucus and a web-like substance which is seen throughout the ship, both of which is used to wrap its victims in cocoons.

When the GSA of the Terra Venture are sent in response to the distress signal sent out by the derelict ship, it's first detected by Kai on the radar of the colony. Both he and Commander Stanton are astonished by the creature's speed and try to warn the squadron to leave the ship. However, communications between Mike and the colony fail, the creature attacks the squadron, capturing one of their teammates.

The creature reappears a second time and attacking the remaining team, focusing primarily on Leo who held the Galaxy Book in his backpack. The Alien forces Leo against the railing, which causes the Galaxy Book to fall from his backpack. The Alien retreats when Mike attacks him and after the two head for the lower level of the ship, reclaims the book from where it fell over the railing. Though they find the squad and free them from the cocoons, the Alien doesn't reappear again until Leo finds the Galaxy Book hidden on another corpse, triggering a third attack as the squad escapes the lower level.

The Alien is effectively drawn away from the rest of the team when Mike and Leo choose to lead the monster through the ship to another exit. It gains on them for a moment, resulting in a firefight that sets off an explosion in the ship. As the two prepare to escape on the Heliship, the Alien grabs Mike by the ankle and attempts to drag him and the Galaxy Book back inside the ship. Its efforts are thwarted by Kai, who flies underneath the two on his Jet Jammer and attacks the creature, driving it back into the ship as the explosion destroys it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rescue Mission

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