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Alice Roberts is one of Eric Myers' neighbors who acts as his companion during his lonely hours. She first appeared in Quantum Secrets. She mainly has conversations with Eric about friendship and love. She appears to be very kind and has a spirit of true friendship. Eric found his tough exterior softening in presence of Alice. She later appeared in Destiny Defeated.

Character History

She appeared in Quantum Secrets. When she saw Eric feeding the birds, she wished to feed them too. She requested Eric and he agreed. She told him that everyone must have friends which really surprised him. In between the fight with Conwing, she saved the birds from being attacked. At the end she paid a second visit to Eric's house where she found him sitting dejectedly. After seeing her a smile glew on his face. Eric found his tough exterior softening in Alice's presence. Later she made one more appearance in Destiny Defeated. She saw Eric boarding a cab to leave the town. She said that she will really miss him very much and gave him a warm hug. Eric allowed her to keep his birds. She never appeared again after the episode Destiny Defeated.


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  • Alice is potrayed by Darcy O' Donnell

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