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Alex Borstein (born February 15, 1973) is an American actress, singer, voice actress, writer, and comedian. She provided the voices of Madame WoeBloom of Doom, Lipsyncher, and Flame Head on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Queen Machina and Robocupid on Power Rangers Zeo, and Queen Machina in the Zeo Serial shorts. She is now best known as a cast member on MADtv and as the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy.

Borstein was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She was raised in a Jewish family by her parents, who are both mental help professionals. She attended San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California.

Borstein trained in improv at ACME Comedy Theater. There, she met her writing partner and future husband, Jackson Douglas. They began working together on the animated television series Casper and Pinky and the Brain. While still writing for Casper, Borstein was cast as Queen Machina on Power Rangers: Zeo. Borstein would later leave Casper to join an ad agency, where she produced ads for Barbie dolls.

In 1997, Borstein joined the cast of MADtv during the show's third season, and would remain through the show's seventh season in 2002. She was originally a featured player, but was quickly upgraded to repretory player by the show's midseason. Perhaps her most famous role on MADtv was Ms. Swan, a woman of undetermined national origins who owned a nail salon and often provided irrelevant banter to those she meets.

It was while she was working on MADtv that Borstein met Seth MacFarlane, who was preparing to launch a new animated comedy series called Family Guy on FOX. McFarland cast Borstein as housewife Lois Griffin. Borstein also become a staff writer and producer on the show. Family Guy launched in 1999 but was canceled in 2002. It was revived in 2005, and Borstein returned to her role as Lois.

Borstein's other roles have included guest appearances on Gilmore Girls and Drawn Together, as well as roles in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Catwoman, and Good Night, and Good Luck.

Borstein has one son with her husband, Jackson Douglas: Barnaby Borstein Douglas, who was born on September 8, 2008.


  • Alex is the second female voice actor in Power Rangers history, after Barbara Goodson, who did the voice of Rita Repulsa.
    • As Madame Woe, she was also the first female voice actor in the entire franchise to voice a monster.
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