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""No, thank you. My boy, you helped me find my courage. And you also made me realize that I can't remain a Power Ranger.""
―Albert Smith when he was talking to Tyler[src]

Albert Smith is the first Dino Charge Purple Ranger. He briefly encounters the Dino Charge Rangers, only to surrender his powers, and his Energem to Keeper.

Based on previously released toys and roll calls from the Purple Ranger version of Kendall, he can also be referred to as the Plesiosaurus Power Ranger Purple.

Character History

Albert Smith is a self-proclaimed adventurer and Bigfoot hunter. He owns Bigfoot Tours, a small tour business in New Zealand. He is also a freelance photographer. One photo of his involving sightings of Sledge's ship was featured in the newspaper prompts Chase to invite the Rangers to New Zealand to find out what's going on.

Albert eventually meets the Rangers in his corner of the woods at his tour site and then later to their surprise encounters them as the Purple Ranger. Albert shies away from the battle before revealing his identity once the battle was over.

Albert, deathly fearful of monsters, takes one last go at being a Ranger when Tyler falls once more under the hands of Iceage. He tricks Iceage and Stingrage into falling into his Bigfoot traps by feigning back pain and poor swordsmanship. Albert decides to no longer be a Ranger and, with Keeper's help, severs the bond with his Energem.

Tyler protects a frightened Albert.


Albert sees himself as a fraud, having faked encounters with Bigfoot. He is, however, truly an adventurer. He also has a big heart, saving a lost child in the cold mountains. This is where the Purple Energem chooses him to be a Ranger. However, as he is actually secretly afraid of monsters, he stays away from battle, paralyzed by fear despite his surprising physical prowess.

Dino Charge Purple Ranger

Dino Charge Purple Ranger

"Plesio Charger, Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Charge Morpher[src]


Appearances: DC Episode 17


  • Albert is the second Ranger to use his powers to fight street crime rather than to fight against an evil force attacking Earth. The first was Dustin Brooks (Yellow Wind Ranger) during the episode Tongue and Cheek.
    • Albert explained he wanted to do good for the citizens.
  • Albert is the only Power Ranger to date to have been a one-off character.
  • Keeper concludes Albert's time as a Ranger was to keep the Purple Energem safe until a new warrior could be chosen to use its power.
  • He is the only male Ranger to be permanently replaced by a female Ranger.
  • He is the first Ranger to ever show fear when faced with monsters to the point of not being able to confront them and was not able to overcome that fear, surrendering his powers to Keeper.
  • He is the only Ranger to never meet his successor.
  • Albert, though the second Purple Ranger (the first being RJ), is the first Purple Ranger to be referred to as such. RJ was known as the Wolf Ranger.
  • He is the first Ranger since Jack Landors (and the first in the New Saban Era) to have a successor.
  • So far, Albert is the only Dino Charge Ranger not to have access to any power-ups such as Dino Steel, Dino Armor X, Dino Drive and Dino Super Drive.
    • T-Rex Super Charge doesn't count because it's only used by the Dino Charge Red Ranger.
    • Ironically Albert only wore purple clothes after he stopped being a Ranger.


Behind the Scenes

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