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Akutagami (アクタガミ) is a Tsukumogami in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Character History

This Tsukumogami was supposed to be created from an old Japanese fan and a new air conditioner, but due to a mistake on Shizuka of the Wind's part, some trash was also combined. As a Tsukumogami is supposed to be made out of just two objects—one old and one new, this third one made it weaker, and adding that it was useless trash, Akutagami turned out to be too weak-minded and too kind to be of any use to Dark Shadow. After being spared by Eiji Takaoka in battle because of his extreme ignorance, Akutagami accidentally eats "The Fruit of Wisdom" that fell into one of his compartments, a Precious that turns the eater into a genius. Dark Shadow tries to use him but the now super-smart Akutagami decides to abandon Dark Shadow instead and turns to help SGS to find the Precious.

However, after getting a bad impression on humanity, Akutagami decides to make them all pay for the world's sake, only trusting Eiji by giving him a paper seal. The Boukengers attack him in order to stop his rampage, but with his superior intellect and mastery of ninjutsu allows Akutagami to easily defeat them. When Akutagami fought Eiji, Eiji pleads with him to stop, whereupon the tsukogami cryptically replies "there's no time left." Before Akutagami can explain, Yaiba of Darkness impales him on his katana as punishment for abandoning Dark Shadow. When Yaiba finds that the Fruit of Wisdom is gone, Gekkou turns him into a giant puppet in order to destroy the Boukengers. Though thought to be destroyed by the very paper seal he gave, it actually restored Akutagami to his original size, free from Dark Shadow's control, but forgot all about what happened or Eiji. Having seen this, Eiji decides to tell him to go to the woods and find a place in which where nobody would harm him.



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