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Akumalar is Vader Monster "38" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Akumalar works alongside Queen Hedrian in a scheme to cause chaos through society by allowing for people to mention what bad things they want done to people, whereas relayed from a special cross to Akumalar via Hedrian's crystal ball and made to occur by its will. While initially discovered by the Denziman during an attack on a playground by a boy who didn't like the kids the Denziman hung out with, it is only after an attack where a girl attacked her best friend over her fiance (by having Akumalar attack both in a car causing a crash) do the team gain access to the cross and thus try to figure out what is happening. When Akagi follows the girl who caused the attack on her friend to Akumalar's base of operation, he becomes captured where he ends up drinking a liquid that brainwashes DenziRed to follow the Vader Clan's orders, which in this case was to set up explosives within Denzi Land and DaiDenzin to blow both up and stop his own team!

When Akagi returns to Denzi Land and is activated by Hedrian's orders, the other Denziman catch on and realize that their leader isn't himself; they snap him out of this through using a special electric mine set within DaiDenzin to shock DenziRed back to his senses while he sets up the bombs. With him realizing what he had done and what must be done, he sneaks back into Akumalar's "church" as if nothing had happened and attacks, allowing for him to be exposed. While having a tough time with Akumalar's curse powers, the team ultimately use the "Denzi Scramble Chain" maneuver, linking up like a whip and spinning around so fast that it ends up dizzying out the Vader Monster's curse eye; but this ultimately makes him grow as a failsafe for being defeated. While it uses its curse powers on DaiDenzin, the team overcomes them and defeat it with the power of Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability is to work alongside Queen Hedrian's magic to cause bad things to happen through curses, usually done through a relay where a special cross with a receiver ends up giving instructions to Hedrian's crystal ball. These are then relayed to Akumalar to accomplish. He also can use his size changing abilities to infiltrate and cause for its curses to come forth, has a glowing eye which with it allows for its curses to be cast upon the intended victim as well as emit electromagnetic flashes, a staff that emits explosions, teleportation, and he has a saber.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Akuma" - "Devil"
  • Despite coming after Vader Monster "36", this is Number "38" of the Vader Monsters; there is no number "37"


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